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WY and some Agility!

Hey folks!

A little update on Wyoming:

The boys spent Saturday night camped out at the race start location in Lander, and had a fun time (everything they’re doing is just fun to them!) hanging out with dogs.

Donna spoke with Jeff after Stage 2 of the International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race (that’s such a mouthful!) and he thought he did great and the report was that the dogs looked good. He thought that it may have been a bit warm for them ~ but it must not have bothered team. Jeff pulled into the finish in 13th spot – just 7 seconds ahead of friend and Denali neighbor Debbie Moderow. Dave ran a conservative race yesterday and wrapped up the back of the pack with his lady Dickens in lead. The 2nd Stage was supposed to be a 76 mile run, but they removed part of the trail and cut it down to a 43 mile loop.

The crew drove from Lander to Pinedale yesterday afternoon in preparation for today’s Stage 3. I’m sure they have already finished their 35 mile run for today, but as of right now I do not have a report from the team. Tomorrow’s Stage 4 will be a 64 mile run in Big Piney/Marbleton.

Don’t forget to check out the website for the IPSSSDR for more information and some photos!!

Now let’s turn our attention to dogs of another kind – the agility kind! As you know, Donna keeps pretty darn busy heading to trials throughout Alaska as well as the western Lower 48 – and now we’ve got some video for you to check out. Donna was recently in Seattle for a trial with Peg and Q, and lucky for us Cali was able to take a few video clips on her cell phone (pretty darn good quality for a cell phone!).

Here are some links to YouTube for you to check out:

Q’s Standard Run on Sunday

Q’s Jumpers Run on Sunday

Q’s International Class on Sunday

Peg’s Standard Run on Sunday

Peg’s Jumpers Run on Sunday

Peg’s International Class on Sunday

Isn’t it fun to watch?? Peg has been labeled the ‘White Flash’ because she is so speedy!

We’ll keep you posted on more of Donna’s agility training and trialing in the future. Her next trial is scheduled for February 14th & 15th in Palmer, AK. If you’re in the area stop in to check it out!!

Happy Trails!


  1. That is such fun to see! I just love Border Collies – here in England there is a separate class for agility.. the ABC class (anything but a collie) where other smaller dogs and mutts can compete. Do you have ABC in the US?

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