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Virgil Trout & the Iditarider Auction

Hey Husky Homestead Fans!  We’ve got a project that we’re working on…  Want to help Husky Homestead place a bid for Jeff’s Iditarider spot for our dear friend Virgil Trout?  Keep reading to learn more….

Who is Virgil Trout?  Virgil has been a dear friend of Jeff’s as well as a Husky Homestead employee for over 13 years.  At 84 years young, Virgil is one of the most vibrant, independent, and happy people we’ve met.  Virgil has been on many training runs and adventures with Jeff and his dogs over the years – and he is a die-hard Iditarod fan.  His infectious laugh and stellar work ethic have made him a joy to anyone who crosses his path.  For the past several summers here at Husky Homestead, Virgil split and stacked more wood than someone half his age could do!  Our day is never complete without a cheerful greeting from Virgil that often includes his version of a “Hey, hey, hey!” Chubby Checker twist balanced on one leg.  Each fall, Virgil and his trusty sidekick Annie drive the Al-Can heading south for the winter, finding adventure at every turn.  Virgil is an avid photographer, keeping up an almost lost tradition of real film photography and good ol’ fashioned slide shows.  Oh, how he has educated and entertained us with his fabulous slide shows, always accompanied with is famous “Orange Fluff” dessert.  Although a man of modest means, he is one of the most generous people we know.  We know he would love to be the “Iditarider” in Jeff’s basket with the sled dogs he knows and loves so much leading him down the streets of Anchorage for the Ceremonial Start of the 2013 Iditarod.  Virgil’s friends and loved-ones are going to do what we can to make this happen!

What is an Iditarider?  The Iditarod Race Committee auctions off “seats” in the sled baskets of Iditarod mushers to help raise money for the race and to give individuals the opportunity of a lifetime to ride in the first 11 miles of the Ceremonial Start of the Iditarod through downtown Anchorage and adjacent parks trails.  With some of the finest sled dogs in the world and Jeff as their driver, Virgil will be fully immersed in the excitement of the races as he is surrounded by cheering fans lining the streets and trails.  As one of Jeff biggest fans and dearest friends we know Virgil would love this opportunity and we are hoping to make it happen for 2013.  The auction is run through the Iditarod website in an anonymous online bidding process.  Husky Homestead is managing the bidding for Virgil’s seat.  The bidding closes for the Iditarider spots closes on January 18th.  Currently we have the highest bid.

Want to help with “Virgil Rides 2013”?  The names of all contributors (unless you would like to remain anonymous – if so please advise) will be added to a giant card that we are making to give to Virgil as a keepsake upon his arrival in Anchorage for Iditarod 2013.

Via Snail Mail:

Husky Homestead
PO Box 48
Denali Park, AK  99755

Please make checks payable to “Jeff King, Inc.” and note “Virgil” on your check.  If you would like to add a personal note for Virgil please do so!  We’ll include it with his card.

Via PayPal:

You can send money via PayPal using their “Send Money” link, and entering our e-mail address of as the recipient.  As you review your payment, please enter “Virgil” as the subject and if you would like to add a personal note to Virgil you may do so in the “Message” box.  We will include that with his card.

If you have any questions Carrie is in our office Monday – Friday from 10am – 4pm and would be more than happy to help you.  You may reach her directly at 907-683-2904.

What if we lose the bid?  The Iditarider auction closes on January 18th, 2013.  If we are out bid and are unable to follow through with securing Virgil the Iditarider spot, all monies that were contributed will be returned via the manner in which they were received.

Want to stay updated on “Virgil Rides 2013”?  We will continue to keep you updated on how much money we have collected via this blog and our Husky Homestead Facebook page, as well as any status updates on our bidding.

That’s all for now!  In the mean time, check out these pictures of Virgil!


  1. We have just received our FIRST contribution to “Virgil Rides 2013″!! Thank you Joanne! :)

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