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Transition of Light





Just returned last night from 150 mile training run that we spent 48 hours to complete on the Denali Highway. Finally some snow! Yee ha! Not tons – but enough. Two master handlers/staff members, Jennifer & Dave, accompanied Ellen and I with 40 dogs. That is a lot of dogs in one trailer. Don’t forget your ear plugs! Two teams hooked up on sleds, the balance of dogs hooked to the front of a gigantic Bear Cat snowmobile. Thank goodness we don’t have to turn around because the tow line is well over 100 feet long…

got everything

Daylight is short around here, but the days are still long. Many hours of this run is in complete blackness. We do have luxury wilderness accommodations at our wall tent about mid-way between Cantwell and Paxson. This also allows us a wonderful spot to drop a dog off who develops issues that may make it in the dogs best interest to sit one of the legs out. I’ve recently been asked by Teacher on the Trail candidate Judi Roach if it’s easier for the dogs to run in the day than it is in the night. I don’t really think day or night has anything to do with it, and they run similar in both. You might find it interesting that I have long thought (and in particular on this training run) that the dogs really do run best during the “transition of light”. Specifically the change from either light to dark, or dark to light. Count on your dogs getting revved up during this transition! It’s remarkable to see. You’ll rarely see me sitting still during a race during this period each day. (You won’t catch me sitting still anytime during a race! But especially not during the transition of light.)

ellen heads out

We are in the last throes of editing our book “Cold Hands Warm Heart” (which has been so exciting) and I have scheduled studio time in Anchorage for the reading of the audio version. Hope I can read my own handwriting! The End. (all photos courtesy of Virgil Trout.)


  1. Love reading your blog Jeff!

    Looking forward to ‘listening’ to your new book – I’m guessing Breve will to! Poor little guy has had to retire due to some kidney problems – so he’s now the ‘king’ of our house.

    Jeff T

  2. Welcome to blogland! I look forward to hearing your news year round now! I have always wondered how your body-clock adapts to such a short day length. Do people get a bit tetchy?

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"What a great day! The staff was so informative. The dogs so loveable. Thank you." - Barb Setera Shelby – Twp, MI

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