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It's National Dog Day!!
Here at Husky Homestead... we agree with this little one! What about you?!

Aug 26th 8:58am • 9 Comments

Zig and her puppies... Enjoying some sunshine! 😄☀️🐾

Aug 22nd 11:07am • 18 Comments

Which one is not like the others?? :)

Aug 18th 8:58am • 25 Comments

She has a name!!!
Thanks for all of your input and we're sorry we haven't updated you - we've been busy!

We enjoyed so many of the names, and by far "Solo" was a hit! However... We've already had a Solo, and there are a number of Solo's in the mushing world - so we went another route....

Introducing... Drumroll, please....

Nonamè = no-nom-ay 😃

She had been responding to it already when we were looking for names - and we think it's quite fitting to her unique and independent personality. We've let Paul know what we have dubbed her, and if it doesn't work for him we're sure he'll find one that does!

Aug 14th 7:23am • 15 Comments

Our staffer Drew took this short video during one of our evening tours.... take a look! ;)

Aug 12th 4:01pm • 11 Comments

Zig gave birth to 11 puppies last night! 8 boys and 3 girls...

Zig x Barnum Puppies!!

Zig gave birth to 11 puppies last night! 8 boys and 3 girls...

Aug 6th 7:23pm • 7 Comments

ok... who doesn't LOVE puppies?!?

Thank you to Traci Lee for sharing this adorable photo with us! :D


My son had an amazing experience with the "puppies" at Huskey Homestead Tours. Thank you for the memories!!!

Aug 5th 6:35pm • 6 Comments

Burglar... doesn't everyone like nap time?? :)

Husky Homestead Tours

Jul 23rd 8:16pm • 6 Comments

Our thoughts our with our friend DeeDee and her family....

Mother of Iditarod musher DeeDee Jonrowe dies after battle with cancer

KTVA Anchorage CBS 11 - First in Alaska. News, weather, sports, business and entertainment in High Definition.

Jul 23rd 2:27pm • 10 Comments

Monroe, Cutie and Clementine! Hanging out in the cache on an evening tour! :)

Jul 22nd 12:00pm • 7 Comments

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Jeff King Iditarod Champion

A Denali Destination

Where Dogs are King

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A Denali Destination…Where Dogs are King!

Enjoy a warm welcome and experience a true Alaskan lifestyle at Husky Homestead, home of four-time Iditarod Champion Jeff King.

The Husky Homestead tour is widely heralded as an authentic look into rural Alaskan lifestyle based on over 35 years of Alaskan adventures: from freight hauling on Denali to crossing the finish line in Nome with a champion Iditarod team. Be greeted by cuddly puppies and share an intimate view of the Alaskan Husky as they explode from the kennel on a training run. Get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into creating a championship team and carving a life in Alaska’s Interior. Hear compelling stories from the trail and see actual racing sleds, arctic survival gear and equipment used to traverse 1100 miles of Alaska’s most rugged terrain.

  • Meet champion sled dogs
  • Cuddle with our puppies
  • View summer training in action
  • Discover and appreciate an authentic Alaskan lifestyle
  • Transportation provided from most area hotels

Booking a Tour

Husky Homestead’s tour season just outside Denali National Park in Alaska runs from mid-May – mid-September.

Husky Homestead buses pick up our guests at Denali area hotels between mile 229 and 239 of the Parks Highway. All guests arrive at Husky Homestead in our buses, regardless of whether or not they have private transportation during their stay in Denali. We are happy to assist you in making plans for which hotel to meet us at for pick up.

We offer three tours daily. Pick up times will vary by location. Reservations are required for our tour. Tour length is approximately 2.5 hours including transfer time.

Tour Times
Return to pickup location by

$59.00 / Adult
$39.00 / Children 12 and under:
*Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

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"Husky Homestead is an excellent place to visit. Very informative, entertaining and something you will never forget. Definitely recommend it!!" - Jenny – Brisbane, Australia

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