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The Mush In Mush Out 50

Mush In Mush Out MacLaren 50.

Mush In Mush Out MacLaren 50.

Boy oh boy, did we have fun! Training has been great here in Denali. We were putting in some long runs on the highway from Cantwell to Paxson, and happened to be sitting at the MacLaren Lodge when we heard a sled dog race was canceled over at Sheep Mountain. So began the Mush In Mush Out MacLaren 50. We put on a race with the help of Susie & Alan at MacLaren Lodge – which is 42 miles from Paxson and 92 miles from Cantwell. To participate, you had to “Mush In”, then race a 50 mile heat, and then when it was over you had to “Mush Out”. Ten teams showed up and everyone sure seemed to have a lot of fun. It made for a great weekend. Most teams traveled between 130 – 180 miles for the weekend. At night we sat around the fire place, bellied up to the bar, played pool, and watched George Attla’s documentary “Spirit of the Wind”. Many new friends were made, and a good time was had by all. I was the race marshall, vet, cook, clean up crew (actually all I did was say “3-2-1 Go!”). Alan & Susie did all the work. And a heartfelt thanks to them! We even took our office manager Carrie with us. Check out the photo of Salem helping her catch up on e-mails this morning when we got home. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Mush In Mush Out MacLaren 50.

Mush In Mush Out MacLaren 50.

As of 7:00pm on Saturday night, the results of the race were as follows:
Dave DeCaro* – 4 hr 38 min 0 sec
Sebastian Schnuelle – 4 hr 39 min 47 sec
Jason Reppert* – 4 hr 45 min 45 sec
Debbie Moderow – 4 hr 52 min 20 sec
Mike Santos – 4 hr 54 min 0 sec
Rudy Niggemeier – 5 hr 19 min 0 sec
Rich Corcoran – 5 hr 27 min 0 sec
Laird Crow – 6 hr 17 min 0 sec
Dave Treasure – 6 hr 24 min 0 sec
Gaetan Pirrad – 6 hr 26 min 0 sec

*Dave DeCaro & Jason Reppert are part of Husky Homestead’s Goose Lake Racing Team.

Mush In Mush Out


  1. Jeff,
    Very cool! Great pictures!
    Salem looks like he is quite the helper there. He must have an idea for Carrie and she is not taking him seriously!!
    Merry Christmas to all at Husky Homestead!

  2. Great pictures! The Denali Highway sure looks different in the snow – wish I was there now!

    Alice (who is very happy because it dropped down to 18 degrees here in Georgia which means it’s time to get the dog scooter out and take a RUN!)

  3. That does look like fun. Very resourceful of you all. Nice to see Cali there too.

  4. Hey Carrie –

    Keep the blog blogging ~ and Jeff talking. It’s a great read!

    Glad you were behind the camera lense at Maclaren. Your pictures are fantastic.

    Hope the Monkey Bread is the highlight of Winter Solstice celebrations.

    We sure miss you Kiddo ~ it was great talking to you Thursday night.

    Merry Christmas from your buddies at Last Chance Kennel (Your Michigan home…)

  5. Great photos! Salem is truly a talented dog, perhaps he will have his own blog one day, and write his own autobiography!

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