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The Final 16

Our 2013 Iditarod Dog Team was posted on our website last Friday, but in case you missed it click here for a direct link to see their photos and to read a little about each dog who made the cut to the selected 20.

Once the 20 dogs went through their pre-race vet checks and ECG’s and everyone came back healthy and good to go, then Jeff narrowed that field down to the final 16.

Here’s the list of the starting 16, as well as their starting position as they departed Willow for Nome!

Bailey / Rebel
Suspect / Burglar
Ebb / Zig
Menace / Clipper
Spider / Vespa
Skeeter / Barnum
Norton / Kroner
Guilder / Merlot


About the time Jeff was arriving into Rainy Pass this morning, our IditaRider Virgil was at the airport awaiting his flight back to Montana.  We had SO much fun with Virgil this weekend!  😀   Thank you again to ALL of you for your help in getting Virgil here!


As we write this update, Jeff is into the Rohn checkpoint.  He dropped Burglar back in Finger Lake and he is already back with our dog drop contact in Eagle River.  He will be headed back home to Husky Homestead soon, where he can finish watching the race with all of his buddies and the crew.  We’re not really sure why he got an early trip home but we’ll be excited to see him! is providing lots of information on the race!  We have signed up for the Ultimate Insider to track Jeff, however there is still plenty of information to keep you busy without purchasing the subscription!  Here’s a link to a nice update from Joe Runyan that was published today.

Stay tuned for more photos of the Ceremonial Start, as well as the ReStart from Willow!

Happy Trails,

-The HH Crew

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"My husband surprised me with this tour! Been following the Iditarod for years – loved, loved, loved this! Thanks Jeff and team!" - J. Rolinger – SC

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