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Jeff Kind Iditarod Dogs

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The Dogs

Our 2013 Iditarod Team

Bailey Bailey
(2 y/o)- along with his big brother Barnum make up the “Circus Boys.” Even though Bailey checks in at 64 lbs he is as calm and graceful as they come. Bailey has an “old soul” as he exhibits a mature calmness beyond his years. Bailey will undoubtedly lead the team for many miles on their way to Nome.
Barnum Barnum
(2 y/o)- this big guy makes up the other half of the “Circus Boys.” Barnum is the largest dog in the yard weighing 76 lbs. Don’t let the poundage deceive you though – Barnum’s long legs allow him to trot effortlessly down the trail. Barnum is most comfortable running in the middle of the team.
Burglar Burglar
(4 y/o)- Is one of the three boys from the “Crimes and Misdemeanors” litter. Burglar is a super star leader with excellent drive and a “let’s go” cheerleader attitude. You may even catch a glimpse of Burglar sporting his blue kilt as the team makes its way down the trail.
Menace Menace
(4 y/o)- from the “Crimes and Misdemeanors” litter lives up to his name. Menace has been a wild man this winter and is sure to be a Superstar on Jeff’s team this year. This furry boy is comfortable running just about anywhere in the team. His voracious appetite makes him quite the low maintenance dog.
Suspect Suspect
(4 y/o)- is the third male from the “Crimes and Misdemeanors” litter to make Jeff’s Iditarod team. If you have ever had the opportunity to visit Husky Homestead in recent years then you’ve probably seen Suspect in the dog wheel. He applies the same maniac passion that he has for running in the wheel to his job as a leader on Jeff’s team.
Clipper Clipper
(3 y/o)- is from the “Watercraft” litter. This long-legged beauty is a hard working and reliable team dog. Clipper is about as sweet as they come and happily runs with any other dog in the yard.
Yang Yang
(20 months) – Yang is the largest member of the “Opposite” litter. At first look he’s kind of a bouncy, goofy puppy but has a beautiful gait while running in the team. Yang is a team dog, though leading is not out of the option after he matures a bit more. Other teams better watch out…If there’s Ravens on the trail Yang is bound to speed up the whole team trying to get them.
Deets Deets
(9 y/o)- is the most seasoned race veteran on the 2013 team. From the “Lonesome Dove” litter he is a superb leader, reads difficult and potentially dangerous terrain well and responds to voice commands without hesitation. When he is not leading the team towards Nome, Deets enjoys the comforts of his doggy bed in Jeff’s cabin.
Kroner Kroner
(4 y/o)- If there’s a dog sweeter than Clipper in the yard it is Kroner. Kroner comes from the “International Currency” litter. This long legged, smooth gaited and easy going guy is comfortable running anywhere in the team. His calm and confident energy makes him a great partner to one of his less experienced teammates.
Guilder Guilder
(4 y/o)- Guilder is brother to “International Currency” littermate Kroner. One of the higher energy dogs in the yard when it comes time to hook up a team for a training run. Once on the trail, Guilder maintains a trot that is effortless and graceful.
Merlot Merlot
(3 y/o)- From the “Wines” litter, Merlot is one of the smaller boys on the team, but is just about the perfect wheel dog. Merlot is light on his feet, is an excellent eater, and is often paired in wheel with his buddy Guilder.
Norton Norton
(3 y/o)- Norton is a tough and driven team dog that comes from the “Motorcycle” litter. He leaves the leading to his sisters, but is eager to please. Norton does have an on-going feud with his water bucket…. maybe the time apart will do them some good.
Rebel Rebel
(3 y/o)- Rebel is excelling as one of Jeff’s main leaders for this year’s racing season. She is also from the “Motorcycle” litter, and if you’re within tounge range of this girl – you better watch out! She loves to dish out kisses to unsuspecting humans.
Vespa Vespa
(3 y/o)- While Vespa is somewhat unassuming in the dog yard, she is quite the upcoming leader on Jeff’s team. Sister to fellow “Motorcycle” littermates Norton and Rebel, she will most likely run in the middle of the team for this Iditarod. Look for her big ears leading the team in the future.
Skeeter Skeeter
(5 y/o)- (“Insects” litter) Skeeter has a thing for Jeff. While she performs well as a leader for others, if Jeff is driving the sled then Skeeter will really turn it on. Skeeter is eager to please her man, and Jeff shows his appreciation by inviting her for sleepovers to his cabin with Deets and Salem.
Spider Spider
(5 y/o)- Spider is from the “Insects” litter and reserves his zeal for the towline. He is most likely seen running in the front of the team, and excels at leading the team through rough terrain and seeking out hard to find trail. Spider knows what Jeff is going to say before “Gee” or “Haw” even crosses his lips.
Ebb Ebb
(20 months) – Ebb, from the “Opposites” litter, sealed his position on this year’s team with an outstanding performance at the Kuskokwim 300. Ebb has proven he has what it takes to be a champion and will only get better as he matures. Ebb shows promise as a leader but will most likely run as a team dog this year.
Wax Wax
(20 months) – Wax, another of the “Opposites”, is not exactly what he seems. While he may look like a lovable black lab in the yard, once he’s harnessed and hooked up in the team Wax is driven and looks more and more impressive with each mile. Wax is a great team dog.
Zig Zig
(20 months) – (“Opposites” litter) This blue eyed beauty has surprised everyone with her innate ability to lead a dog team this winter. From anchoring the team out during snack breaks to setting a pace that would be tough to match, Zig will bring impressive leadership to Jeff’s team in the future.
Flow Flow
(20 months) – (“Opposites” litter) Flow is one of Jeff’s favorite young dogs. Jeff says that a dog like Flow will give his team’s speed a boost with her smooth, fluid gait. In time Flow will be an important part of his team, and has tons of leading potential.

Past years:

"This is my 2nd trip to Alaska and 2nd time going to Husky Homestead!! It is still the highlight of the 14 day journey! Love it! Impressive!" - L. Thomas – Rockford, IL

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