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Solstice Party & more!

Well, it’s been ten days since I’ve blogged so here’s a recap of some of what’s been going on this past week:

Solstice Party

jeff & elmo

King family

King family

Jeff King family

Dave, Jason & I headed back out to the Denali Hwy last week for some more training with the race team. The dogs looked great! We spent some more time with Alan & Susie out at the always comfortable MacLaren Lodge, and we also made a pit stop at our camp for a rest for the dogs and a warm up for us – not that we dog mushers ever get cold or anything… We planned our return so that we would have plenty of time to get ready for our annual Winter Solstice Party. Donna & Tessa arrived from the lower 48 just in time to put on their dancing shoes, making the King family complete for the holiday season. There were many close friends from both far and near ~ along with all of our wonderful winter crew. It was an absolute blast! We had live music by Loose Gravel and as usual, they rocked the arena! Everyone was dancing and having a good ‘ol time. Check out some of the photos that we’ve included! I even managed to stay up until the end of the party! A great big thank you to everyone for stopping by and we look forward to seeing you again next year!
Saturday, Salem & I headed to Anchorage for my first book signing for the audio version of “Cold Hands, Warm Heart”. I had a great time meeting and greeting people at Title Wave Books ~ as did Salem. Thanks to all of you who stopped by, as well as the staff at Title Wave.

I headed back up to Denali on Sunday for another visit with some friends where we all enjoyed a nice Holiday Feast. Jennifer and Jason were out on the highway overnight with the yearlings, so they weren’t able to join us ~ but have no fear, we saved them a plate since we knew they’d come home hungry! What cold weather will do to your appetite! Training is going great for the yearlings too ~ and make sure to keep an eye out in a couple of weeks as Jennifer heads to the Cantwell Classic for her second race of the season.

This week has the King family enjoying a nice “family vacation” and the crew holding down the fort – although Dave is enjoying time in snowless St. Louis picking up his presents that Santa left there. He’ll return home next week. Report has it that a few inches of fresh snow fell at the homestead over Christmas and the temperatures have warmed up. Jason and Jennifer are still busy training dogs most days, and Carrie’s busy holding down her desk…although word around the neighborhood has it that they’ve also been spending time breaking in my new massage chair!

We sure hope that all of you had a Merry Christmas & best wishes to you all for a Happy 2008! Until next year ~ Jeff


  1. Wonderful photos. Looks like everyone had a blast!
    I just started the second CD of your audio book and I am loving it!
    Thanks to all there for getting out to me so fast.
    Happy new year!

  2. Great pictures!!! Looks like lots of fun in the north country!!!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Yeah you’re audio book is fantastic!

    Keep up the great Blog!

    I have a question which I was wondering if you might enlighten us on… Every year I see in the Iditarod videos that you have something written under your hat. What on earth is it ? (Your race plan !?)

    Jeff T

  4. When will your book be available to buy? I am looking forward to reading it!

    Enjoyed the photos also,


  5. Much luck on the Knik 200 this weekend!

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