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Rondy Wrap-Up & Iditarod Excitement!

A fairy tale ending to my first Open World Championship Sled Dog Sprint Race, Fur Rondy 2010! What a privilege it was to have the opportunity to drive some of the finest sprint dogs in the world. My team consisted of 18 “Steeper Streakers” from the kennel of Terry and Bud Streeper from Fort Nelson, BC. Read about my race in the Anchorage Daily News by clicking here.

In light of a particularly wonderful weekend, the Husky Homestead Team invited 5-time World Champion Sprint Racer Bud Streeper to ride with me during the Ceremonial Start! I hope he can stand the pace!

As much fun as I had this past weekend averaging over 17 mph for 75 miles in three days of racing, I would be lying if I told you it was any more fun than I had yesterday driving 19 of my Nome bound Iditarod super stars at 9.5 mph for 50 miles. Truly one of the best teams I have ever brought to the starting line of Iditarod. I hope that I can do the team justice.

Keep an eye out for the young team of Dave DeCaro from Husky Homestead, driving 16 future champions in their rookie run. Best of luck to Dave!

Want to know how to follow the race? Start with a subscription to the Iditarod Insider! Click here for a link. Videos from the start, the trail and of course the finish! Also – get your GPS tracker here!

Another great way to get some ‘insider’ information is right here on our blog. Donna will once again be putting together her take on the race, the mushers, the trail and everything in between. Stay tuned for her updates!

Alright! Off for another run…

See you in Anchorage!



  1. I was wondering how fast the teams ran!! It was my first time following the Rondy. I was glad that the ADN followed it with stories. Great finish! I was surprised to read that this might be your last Iditarod. I have been following your races since 2005. I’ll miss cheering you and the team on!! But, alas, over time plans can change!! You just might reconsider!

    I am looking forward to Donna’s insights on the last great race!

    Best of luck to you, Jeff, and this years team!!!!! Can’t wait to follow you along the trail. Have a safe and speedy journey to Nome! The same good wishes go to Dave and his team!!!

  2. Our class in Bunnell,FL in B.E.S. Flagler County has been following you and other mushers in the iditarod I was SO HAPPY that you got 3rd. You did a great job!!

    Garret Hunter,
    Mrs. Driscols Class 4th

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