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Retired Dogs – Pumba

Person: Robyn Schmidt



Pumba (aka Mr. P) is still an amazing man after all these years; he is now 14 but you would never know it, he still looks 8! After running 6 Iditarods with the King, he now has the life of luxury hangin’ on the couch at night while his mom studies to become a veterinarian. During the day, the ole man gets to sit on his dog house, watching the world go by. He loves to be outside watching the squirrels and birds, and taking naps in the sun. He walks with his mom everyday in the morning before she goes to school and at night before they go to bed. Their favorite part of the day is when their together walking out in the woods or around the neighborhood by the mighty Mississippi River. Even though the two country souls are in the city, they are making the most of it. Mr. P has even been to school with his mom. He has gotten the chance to meet her classmates, and they are all thrilled to hang with such an amazing athlete who is so accomplished. He may even know as much as his mother in Organology, Neurology, and Immunology, after being in the lab with her while she crammed her little brain full of information. He does love his walks though, and he has gotten to know the neighbors quite well. He even has a little girlfriend named Sally, she’s a little black and white Cocker Spaniel who lives down the road. Mr. Pumba has made a lot of human friends in the neighborhood as well. Many people stop to say hello because he is so handsome, others have to ask what kind of dog he is, and the best is when he stops people. Every so often he walks up to people and startles people by sniffing their hands. They stop look down and always give him a pet. He just has that friendly face of curiousness and and wanting to say hello. The best is how patient he is with the little neighbor girl who is almost 3. She has learned how to behave around dogs and he is so patient with her. Whenever Audry is out with her mother or father, they have to stop by and say hello to Pumba. She giggles and Pumba sniffs. It’s awesome to see such an amazing man be so gentle and patient with little children.

So in a nutshell, that’s the life of Pumba. He and his mom miss Alaska, but they are happy where they are in Minnesota, and they do love their time together. He is momma’s little man. They love each other and they are so happy that Jeff King brought them together to live out their lives. Thanks Jeff!


  1. Great to hear about “former”stars! Enjoying where mthey are now!


  2. That is really great! Until I read this I was just a bit concerned that after such an active life that a retired sled-dog might not enjoy retirement. This blog has put my mind at ease, totally!

  3. Thanks for sharing information about the retired dogs. Looks like a great life to me! A cozy couch, great walks to stretch the legs, can’t get much better than that!
    Hope all is well at the homestead!

  4. I would adopt him. I have one malamute/husky and three Siberian husky’s. I love these kinds of breeds. I would love to learn how to get started in the dog sledding field. Any ideas?

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