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Race Tracker – Post #2

it’s a new day & a new duck is in the lead…


Teams are stacking up here a bit while they work on their mandatory 8 hour rest and catch a couple of zzzz’s. Two teams have gone through Maclaren (Gebhardt/Berington and Beals/Marrs) and the earliest team out of here can leave at 9:56am.

Oh, and noone has quacked up yet!

(ok – at this point we may just be a bit sleep deprived….. )


  1. Jeff, I love your coverage so far. It has a nice homemade feel to it and the trail looks amazing! Good luck to everyone!

  2. You quack me up…
    Seriously, great race coverage!

  3. Way to go, Travis and Wade. Grand-pa Beals in Oregon.

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