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So it’s Friday before the big race and you’re wondering about the best ways to follow Iditarod 41??    We can help you out with one link to a whole lotta information!!

Click on over to the IditaProject Forum and you will find … Iditarod links, television, radio & newspaper links, links to Iditarod checkpoints, musher websites, blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter links, as well as links for miscellaneous websites, podcasts, videos and photo galleries.  This is by no means an all inclusive list, but it will sure get you started!

Of course the Husky Homestead crew will be following Jeff on the trail as well, so we’ll do our best to keep you updated on all the happenings of the race!  We’ve signed up for the Ultimate Iditarod Insider package and find that the Insider package is the easiest way for us to track Jeff as he makes his way to Nome, however we are always keeping our eyes open for any other information on the race and enjoy perusing the many websites, etc. to see what information is out there.


The dogs are on the road with Dave DeCaro today and making their way to Anchorage…

Spider is acting as Dave's co-pilot during their trip to Anchorage today.

Dave and his wing man Spider are bringing the team to Anchorage today.


We also wanted to make sure that we shared this really fun shot with you that we snapped at the banquet last night…

Hand made table decorations for the Banquet!

Hand made table decorations for the Banquet!

Aren’t they great?!?  :)


Don’t forget that today is the Musher Meet and Greet and the Inlet Tower!  Come on down and visit with Jeff, as well as mushers Mitch & Dallas Seavey, and our friend and neighbor Iditarod Veteran Mike Santos!  This event goes from 4pm-6pm, and after that we will all head down to the Snow City Cafe for the Born to Run/Athletes of the Iditarod Photography Exhibit.  Jeff will be signing autographs, as will a number of mushers so stop by there too and pick up a copy of this great book!

That’s all for now folks… stay tuned!

– The HH Crew

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"This 'inside story' about the race, how the dogs are raised and the Kings' relationship with the dogs is amazing. To experience it is to understand it." - Reid Woodward – California

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