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Race day in Kotzebue!

Hey race fans!  We’re back on the trail today in Kotzebue!

Jeff and the team departed Husky Homestead on Monday afternoon to make the trek to Anchorage where they caught their flights to Kotzebue in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

Jeff prepares the dog box and some gear for the flight to Kotzebue.  (Photo courtesy Robin Berkowitz)

Jeff prepares the dog box and some gear for the flight to Kotzebue. (Photo courtesy Robin Berkowitz)


After arriving in Kotz, Jeff delivered his drop bags to Ryan Air for distribution to the checkpoints, and helped his host family with a minor emergency by aiding in the rescue of their son from his locked room after the door knob broke!  All in days work we suppose!  The team arrived to crystal clear skies with the sun so bright Jeff “had to squint while wearing my sun glasses”. The temperature was warmer than Denali at zero degrees – sounds to us as if he’s on vacation!

Jeff took the dogs on a 20 mile “leg stretcher” and managed to get a nap in himself after that early morning trip.  Jeff reports that the dogs are fired up and ready to run!  He is also guessing that by the time the race is over, 3 out of  the 4 female dogs in the team will be in heat!  We hope he had a good nights rest before race day, because that pretty much means he won’t be getting much sleep during the race!

Jeff participated in a radio interview with KOTZ Radio on Wednesday.  You can check out some photos from that as well as some musher photos,etc. by clicking here.

Wednesday evening was the Kobuk 440 Pre-race Banquet and there are some photos from that as well – check those out here.

You can follow the race via the Kobuk 440 website, as well as the Kobuk 440 facebook page.  The mushers do have SPOT trackers for this race, so click here for that.

Oh!  Perhaps you’d like to know who is running in the team!  Barnum, Burglar, Clipper, Guilder, Kroner, Menace, Merlot, Norton, Rebel, Skeeter, Suspect and Zig

We’ll be following the race and posting some updates via our blog and our Husky Homestead facebook page – so stay tuned!

Until then…  “run longer, sleep less”!



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"This was fantastic! So much fun and the puppies – just the cutest little things ever! I would highly recommend this tour. Learned so much!" - M. Yocum – Los Angeles, CA

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