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Pics from Wyoming

We’ve got just a few pictures for you!! These come from our friend Jeanne who made the trek from her home in Oregon to check out the crew during the race! Jeanne is one of our favorite places to send retired dogs ~ she has four… and counting!! Texas, George, Tin and Houston.

Jeff and Team – Wyoming IPSSSDR

Jeff and Team – Wyoming IPSSSDR

Dave and team – Wyoming IPSSSDR

Dave and team – Wyoming IPSSSDR

Dave taking off from a start.

Dave taking off from a start.

Jason… well… doing nothing???   OK – maybe he’s resting those toes of his…

Jason… well… doing nothing??? OK – maybe he’s resting those toes of his…

Jeff phoned yesterday and gave us a bit of a mini-scoop on the days events. The weather was beautiful and sunny (it seems that’s the report everyday!!), but the trail was pretty soft and punchy. Definitely a far cry from the hard and fast trail that it had been reported to be.

Dave is doing a fantastic job of taking care of his team, he’s got 5 yearlings with him and it seems Dave and the dogs are all having fun.

Jeff feels comfortable with the performance of both teams, and knows that 13 mph is a fast pace for the dogs ~ but they’re all doing great!

Jeff is suffering from what sounds like a horrible cold… so he’s all cold medicined up and says that Jason & Dave are doing a good job taking care of him – but Donna would do better.

That’s all that I have to report about Wyoming and the IPSSSDR!! I’m headed out today for two weeks… so you’re on your own! Keep checking the IPSSSDR website for updates after each day’s events – also keep checking their image collection… you never know who you may see!

And look for a re-cap of the remainder of the race later this month!

Happy Trails!


  1. Great Pictures! Thanks for sharing those. Jeff & team must have been flying today 10.5 miles per hour. It’s been fun checking in on the Pedigree Race. Any chance we can get Husky Homestead back to Wyoming next year? We can provide some fans to cheer you on!!

    Donna your new puppy is so cute. Wow, your dogs are fast when they are in the competition ring. Thanks for sharing the videos. At what age do most agility dogs enter the competition ring? Will one of your other dogs retire soon? Good luck in your competitions.

  2. Happy Birthday POTUS!

  3. Hey! We are outside of New Orleans, LA and will be following the IDITAROD. We have chosen you as one of our 2 mushers. GO JEFF KING GO!!!

  4. Please, please, please tell me that you will be in Wyoming this next year! PRETTY PLEASE? I cannot BELIEVE I missed my opportunity to see you run in person…and perhaps even meet you earlier this year.
    If you do, consider me one of the fans that “Judi” above me talks about providing to cheer you on next year.


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