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On the way to Iditarod… Wed. @ 12:15pm

Sometimes when you stop checking race stats and reading every article you can get your paws on… you get some sleep!  While Jeff deals with sleep deprivation on the trail, the HH Crew, family, friends and fans all have their own lack of sleep issues as we follow the race.  With all of this technology available to us it seems that the information is endless, and at times overwhelming – but what would we do without it?!?!

Jeff had us wondering what his plan was yesterday while he stayed parked in Nikolai for a while.  He departed there at 5:19pm and posted a nice run time of 5 hr. 35 min. into McGrath.  He stayed just 2 minutes in McGrath before heading another 18 miles up the trail to Takotna.  Jeff chose to spend some time there during the early morning hours (the dogs enjoy running during the “transition of light”), and departed for Ophir bright and early this morning at 6:07am.  A recent post from Joe Runyan early this morning lets us know that Skeeter was being a bit of a troublemaker at the Takotna chekcpoint, so she was put in a time-out by Jeff.  Click “Mackey leaves into dark night at 3am, King ready to follow”  to read that story.

Once in Ophir, Jeff made a quick 10 minute pit stop and he is currently on the trail moving toward the checkpoint of Iditarod – approximately 80 miles away.  We’re not quite sure where Jeff is aiming to take his mandatory 24 hour rest, so stay tuned!

We’ve got some other GREAT news for you!  Iditarod’s Insider is offering today’s pick of videos absolutely FREE!  If you are not currently subscribed to the Insider, now is your chance to check out some of these videos and what the Insider has to offer.  Click here for a direct link.  Make sure to watch “Run Dogs Run” as that one is simply breathtaking!

Burglar rides shotgun with Jeff's daughter Ellen as she brings him back to Husky Homestead this morning.

Burglar rides shotgun with Jeff’s daughter Ellen as she brings him back to Husky Homestead this morning.


Stay tuned for more news as Jeff and the team head for Nome!

Until next time, happy trails!

– The HH Crew

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"We learned so much about these dogs. Your tour was the highlight of our trip!" - Allan & Diane Domin – Florida

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