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Monday 3/15/10 Update

What is going on??

The Race Tracker is on the fritz and I now realize to what extent I have been addicted to the darn thing!

In haste, my observations from the stats and Iditarod Inside: Jeff looks great; happy and relatively lively. The dogs look fantastic! Lance’s team looks great as well. He is posting slightly faster run times than Jeff and our gang. I don’t have an OUT time for Jeff from Koyuk yet…. And as I said, the TRACKER is momentarily taking a break (is that legal??), so I can only surmise that the two teams are resting and moving similarly. The interesting development is that crafty Hans. He is continuing to close the gap and could very well change things up soon.

OK, the TRACKER is back and it appears as though Jeff has not left Koyuk as of 7:00 am but my guess is that he is about ready to depart soon. The temperatures are something to complain about now and let’s keep our fingers crossed that the wind has a lazy day today.

The TRACKER is also showing us that the trail into Koyuk has been diverted from the common route. It would be interesting to know why….

Off to Nome! A two hour drive to Fairbanks to catch my flight to Anchorage for a four and a half hour layover there before catching the flight to Nome. Arriving at 8:15 tonight! Yahoo!

I would expect the first team over the finish line tomorrow, late afternoon.


  1. Go Jeff! Thanks Donna for the commentary, great as always. Just saw that Jeff is back on the trail taking a longer break then Mackey… I think these guys are going to come in holding each other up under the arch.
    Karlis & Cath

  2. Thanks so much for your wonderful blogging. I can’t tell you how eagerly I’ve awaited your posts. Good luck to Jeff and have fun in Nome!

  3. This commentary is great!! I only wish I didn’t stumble upon it so late in the race. Please keep up the great work – especially since this is turning into another nail-biter!! I feel like I’m checking the leader board every 10 minutes. Go Jeff!!!!

  4. Wow, I can hardly stand the tension. I would so like Jeff to win. We’ve followed Husky Homestead since we saw the 2006 start in Anchorage and restart in Willow. And we loved our visit to the kennel in 2008. Thanks for your posts and the behind-the-scenes commentary. Makes the whole web experience of the race so much better. Hoping for a great and satisfying finish for Jeff.

  5. Thanks for the posts. I would love to see Jeff Win, hes been my favorite since 2006 when i got into the iditarod, i just wish i would have came upon your page earlier, but o well. I will def try to check your page as much as often. I hope to come visit your kennel sometime, hopefully soon, but i live in WV so its hard. But Go King!!!!

    P.S i tried to find your myspace page but coultnt find it, any help?

  6. Thanks to our visit to the Huskey Homestead last year we have followed the Iditarod for the first time this year! We have been cheering for Jeff and check his status every monring and then once we get home from work at night! We so enjoyed his story telling last year and are now some really big fans! Hoping that he will win this one since he is talking about this being his last one! Bob and Ann

  7. Dear jeff ,
    Here a lewis middle school we have a project to do on the iditarod and we each get a musher u r our musher . we hope u win please send us a letter for our project at 5170 greenbrier ave. san diego ca. 92120 to mrs. pozanski period 1

    thank u from your fans ,
    katelyn , & rachel

  8. Dear jeff,
    our teacher would like booties from the race. if u can send it to 5170 greenbrier ave. san diego ca. 92120 to mrs. poznanski period 1

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