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Kobuk – Heading for Shungnak & Kobuk

Jeff and the Team spent nearly 7 hours resting in Ambler during the heat of the day.  In Kotzebue the temperatures may not be too hot during the day – but all that sunshine is what gets you!  The dogs had a chance to get a nice rest at the checkpoint here before heading back out on the trail.

Our previous guess on the dropped dog situation turned out to be incorrect.  According to the Official Standings page for the Kobuk 440, it listed Jeff leaving Kiana with only 11 dogs.  He in fact left Kiana with 12, and just dropped Suspect in Ambler.  He is now running a team of 11 as he heads up the trail to Shungnak, and then on to Kobuk.  We’re not sure why he left Suspect, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

From our math he has accumulated 11 hours and 1 minute of rest out of his mandatory 20 hours.  The other side of that math is that he has also spent the least amount of ‘time on the trail’ – translating into:  Jeff is running in first place right now!

Lots can change between now and the race finish – so stay tuned!  Go Jeff & Team!

– The HH Crew

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