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Kobuk 440 – In to Ambler!

Jeff and the Team are into the Ambler checkpoint!  They were the first team in this morning at 9:08am, with the Katherine Keith arriving just three minutes later.  While Jeff took four hours rest back in Kiana, you can expect him to stay here for some more rest before heading up the trail to Kobuk.

It seems that some of the girls on the Team are having some disagreements – particularly Skeeter and Rebel.  The Official Race Checkpoint Times page listed Jeff leaving Kiana with only 11 dogs, so we are thinking that Skeeter may have gotten the best of Rebel in the last kerfluffle when she bit her foot.  Some of these ladies can get a bit grumpy when they are in heat!

We’ve found some more photos of the start of the Kobuk 440 race – courtesy of Kaiser Racing Kennel.  Click on over and check those out here!

-The HH Crew


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