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Wow! If you don't have your subscription to the Iditarod Insider yet, you may want to purchase it before tonight! The Musher's Banquet will be streaming LIVE! :D

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Iditarod Trail Committee

We are pleased to announce live streaming video of the Musher Banquet tomorrow from the Dena'ina Convention Center.

You must be a Video or Ultimate Insider to watch it. There is still plenty of time to subscribe.

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Wow. There is some hard work going on around Anchorage in an attempt to ensure that the full 11 miles is run during the Ceremonial Start on Saturday, March 7th.

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Anchorage trail doctors spread snow over ice, pavement for Iditarod ceremonial start

Mallard ducks on Wednesday were paddling the ice-free waters of Chester Creek along the ceremonial route of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race through Anchorage's university-medical district. Nearer downtown, there were puddles of standing water along

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We are ready to enjoy a wonderful dinner in support of Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington!! Check out the menu!
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A big thank you to Jennifer from Alpine Creek Lodge Alaska for sharing this awesome picture with us!!
Jeff, Steph and the team under the Northern Lights!


Jeff King, Steph Otto and the team resting at the lodge under the Northern Lights. Good Luck in the Iditarod!!

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Headed to Fairbanks for the Race Start?? Using a shuttle would be a good idea!


Shuttle buses to ferry Iditarod fans to Fairbanks race start

FAIRBANKS - With thousands of spectators expected for the restart of the 2015 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in Fairbanks on Monday, navigating traffic on Airport Way will likely not be easy.

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Some great photos by the talented Jeff Schultz Photography! Check them out!

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Iditarod Trail Committee

Scenes from the Jr. Iditarod, courtesy Jeff Schultz.

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"This weekend I was working with the JR. Iditarod and while on my way out to the half way point at Alpine Creek Lodge with one of the Cargo Sleds I managed to run over myself with the cargo sled when I did that header into the side of the road while passing Jeff King’s team who were out there training at the time. I was so intent watching his dogs and especially his leaders during the pass that I was as far over to the side as I could get and even at maybe 12 – 15 MPH so as not to spook Jeff’s team I either caught an ice chunk or a frozen in rock and was thrown from the machine. Jeff has such control over his dogs that he set the snow hook and came over to make sure I was OK and to help me get that 800 pound pig back up on the roadway. Once I told him I was not seriously injured he was well within his rights to get back to his team and keep them under control, but he chose to help me instead. The team was just anxiously waiting for him, playing and wagging their tails as well behaved as they could possibly be. Jeff King is a real class act and gentleman. I knew this before, but here is just one more confirmation from my personal experience. I knew Jeff casually from his being a friend of one of our teachers, Jack Reisland in Tanana back in the late '70's when I was there and both his daughters Callie and Tessa later when they ran JR. I.. He didn’t recognize me as we were only casual acquaintances and I have changed so much through the years that I honestly wouldn't recognize myself either. This just sums up what a good guy he is, he didn’t care if he knew who I was or not, if you need help, her was there to offer regardless. To sum it up, Jeff is not only a premier distance musher, he is a gentleman, and a real human being. Hopefully, this will get on Facebook, but not sure I am doing it correctly and it could just go to Jeff himself. I hope it does go on Facebook as I am very grateful for the help and would like others to know about it as well, so if it just goes to his personal account, I hope one of you in the King family will post it where it should be. Thanks again Jeff.
Al Newman
JR. Iditarod Volunteer"

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Jeff and Stephanie headed down to the Junior Iditarod Finish Banquet tonight in Cantwell!
Jeff even got to present the awards! 😄

A wonderful end to a great race! Congratulations to all the Junior Mushers!

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The Iditarod Trail Committee has unveiled the plans for the change in the restart location...
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Officials present latest plan for Iditarod's restart in Fairbanks

FAIRBANKS—Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race organizers officially unveiled their new Plan B for the restart location this afternoon.

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Just over an hour to enter to win the "Ultimate Iditarod Prize Pack"!!

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Forms | GCI

Now's your chance to win the Ultimate Iditarod Giveaway Contest including sought-after items like an official Iditarod Musher’s Bib, two VIP Chute Passes, two Musher’s Banquet tickets, and much more!

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Jeff King

A Denali Destination

Where Dogs are King

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Jeff King

Jeff King is often recognized as the “Winningest Musher in the World.” He holds four championship titles for the 1,049-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in 1993, 1996, 1998, and 2006. Jeff took first place in the 1,000-mile Yukon Quest in 1989 in addition to earning twenty-four other first-place titles in races across Alaska and other parts of North America. Jeff was inducted into the Iditarod Hall of Fame in 1999. In 2006, at age 50, he became the oldest musher to win the Iditarod. Jeff King has twice received the prestigious Leonhard Seppala Humanitarian Award for exemplary care of his dog team. He has logged more than 150,000 miles on a dogsled over the past thirty-five years.

Jeff King has captured worldwide media attention for decades. Associated Press, BBC, CBC, ABC’s “Wide World of Sports,” ESPN, CNN, Discovery Channel, National Public Radio and Mushing Magazine have regularly featured Jeff in race coverage of the Iditarod and international news reports. From his scientific methods of feeding and training dogs, to his calculating trail strategies and innovative sled designs, Jeff has been the one to watch, year after year.

“For years, the inventive King has cut his own mushing path with notable success…he has trained his dogs by having them swim during the summer to build stamina, he’s tinkered endlessly with nutrition…” says the Anchorage Daily News. Lee Larsen, president of the Iditarod Trail Committee, calls King a “champion in many, many ways.”

Jeff moved to Alaska in 1975 in search of adventure. He quickly became interested in dog sledding and Alaskan huskies, devoting all his spare time and money to building his own team, while developing a construction business. He began racing in 1980. His competitive nature and athleticism had found a new outlet, and Jeff set his sights ever higher, entering his first Iditarod just one year later. In 1992 he decided to devote his full time and energy to training and racing, setting aside his construction business. He won his first Iditarod the following season.

Jeff enjoys living just outside of Alaska’s Denali National Park and sharing his life with his sled dogs. In the summer months, Husky Homestead welcomes visitors from around the world to watch his sled dogs in action, hear stories of adventure, learn about Alaskan Huskies, the tradition of dog mushing and the life and spirit of Alaska, the last frontier.

A natural-born storyteller, Jeff shares a lifetime of adventure stories in public speaking engagements and in his book Cold Hands Warm Heart. Since the release of his first collection of stories, fans have been begging for “More!” In the fall of 2011, Jeff produced a newly expanded edition with additional stories and photographs and a deeper look into a life well-lived.

"The best excursion in Denali and reasonably priced. We loved it." - Bill & Bonnie Merrill – Vero Beach, FL

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