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The team is off to their final race of the season this morning, heading for Kotzebue and the Kobuk 440!!

Handler Mel and helper Bruno drove the dogs down to Anchorage yesterday, where they met up with Bossman Jeff and Kristin Bacon at our sponsor Inlet Tower. Jeff will be running the "A" team, and Kristin will be running 11 Husky Homestead dogs along with "Felon" from Bacon's Acres' Kennel who came from Husky Homestead and is part of the "Crimes & Misdemeanors" litter. ;)
Thanks to Kristin for snapping these pics and sharing with us!

The race starts Thursday at 12:30pm! Stay tuned...

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Bacon's Acres' Kennel

And, another adventure begins...
Jeff King, Kristin Bacon and 24 dogs are starting their journey to Kotzebue to race the Kobuk 440.

Thank you, Inlet Tower, for supporting the Husky Homestead Tours!!

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Tonight, a giant thank you for all the Volunteers that help to put on this Last Great Race!

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Iditarod Trail Committee

Happening now... the Iditarod "family" celebrates Iditarod. Thank you, volunteers.

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'Tis the season that things begin to slow down in the mushing world... but one thing many kennels are doing about this time is to start harness breaking some of the younger puppies and taking them on some short runs.

Last summer we were lucky enough to host some pups from Squid Acres Kennel - some of you may remember the "Dukes of Hazzard" litter...?? Well here they are! All grown up and running for just their third time in harness! :D

Isn't this fun?!?

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Squid Acres Kennel

The Dukes of Hazard on their third run in harness with veterans Stout and Boron in lead. Husky Homestead Tours

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National Puppy Day?!?!? We thought that was EVERY day!


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Many awards were handed out at the Finisher's Banquet last night... for a recap check out this article from our friends at Alaska Dispatch News!

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Petit, Mackey brothers pick up major awards at Iditarod's end-of-race banquet

Nicolas Petit won the Leonhard Seppara Humanitarian Award for outstanding dog care Sunday at the annual end-of-race Iditarod banquet in Nome. The Mackey brothers collected two other coveted awards, with Jason earning the Mushers Choice award for most inspirational musher and Lance winning the sports…

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Just ONE more team on the trail tonight! Cindy Abbott is heading for Nome and the Iditarod Red Lantern!

The tracker has her about 37 miles outside of Nome, so she may not make it to the banquet tonight - but we think she'll still have many great stories to share!

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Abbott heading for Nome and Iditarod red lantern

FAIRBANKS - The final musher in the 2015 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is on the final stretch to the famed burled arch finish line in Nome.

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We want to make sure to say CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of the teams that have finished since we last posted!!

There are SO many! Click on the link to see the full list!

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Current Race Standings - 2015 Iditarod - Iditarod

Orange row indicates change since last update • indicates a correction to a previous stat (r) indicates a rookie musher * indicates a period that occurred during Daylight Savings

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The Official Finisher's Banquet is moments away in Nome!

Iditarod Trail Committee

Happening now. Set up up for Finishers Banquet.

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Here it is!! "The Interview" with Jeff at the finish... check it out!

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In 7th Place, King is Happy But Ready for Rest — and Pizza

At the Nome finish line on Wednesday, Jeff King waxed nostalgic, full of stories, about a very memorable Iditarod this year. But he was also ready for rest.

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Hey Race Fans! It's Thursday morning for us... and boy, are we happy to have the team in Nome! Pretty sure that our crew here got some good sleep last night - and didn't dream of race stats...!

We took last night "off" from Facebook as we spent time with the dogs here at the Homestead, and welcomed home our three dropped dogs: Earl, Menace and Nash! All are doing very well and are happy to be home with their buds. ;)

The dog team will head out from Nome this afternoon, while their musher will stay in Nome until the Finish Banquet on Sunday evening. Melanie and Bruno will be on hand in Anchorage to meet the team while Steph will join them later from Nome. Melanie will begin working tirelessly to massage any sore muscles or stiffness, as well as just make sure that they are all happy campers - that's her favorite part of the job. :)

Before we get back to work in the office and start planning for the next race (the Kobuk 440) that starts in TWO weeks! - we'd like to give a big shout out to ALL of the teams that have crossed the finish line in this years' Iditarod since we left you last...


8. Wade Marrs
9. Ken Anderson (fellow Redpaw team member!)
10. Nick Petit
11. Travis Beals
12. Paul Gebhards
13. Kelley Maixner
14. Pete Kaiser (this years' Kuskokwim 300 Sled Dog Race Champ!)
15. Christian Turner
16. Ray Redington, Jr.
17. Thomas Waerner - the Rookie of the Year! Woo hoo!
18. Jason Campeau
19. Hugh Neff
20. Michelle Phillips
21. John Baker
22. Martin Buser
23. Richie Diehl
24. Nathan Schroeder
25. Mats Pettersson (who was running our Kroner & Suspect!)

We love this sport, and we love our dogs. Thanks for following along!

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Jeff King

A Denali Destination

Where Dogs are King

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Jeff King

Jeff King is often recognized as the “Winningest Musher in the World.” He holds four championship titles for the 1,049-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in 1993, 1996, 1998, and 2006. Jeff took first place in the 1,000-mile Yukon Quest in 1989 in addition to earning twenty-four other first-place titles in races across Alaska and other parts of North America. Jeff was inducted into the Iditarod Hall of Fame in 1999. In 2006, at age 50, he became the oldest musher to win the Iditarod. Jeff King has twice received the prestigious Leonhard Seppala Humanitarian Award for exemplary care of his dog team. He has logged more than 150,000 miles on a dogsled over the past thirty-five years.

Jeff King has captured worldwide media attention for decades. Associated Press, BBC, CBC, ABC’s “Wide World of Sports,” ESPN, CNN, Discovery Channel, National Public Radio and Mushing Magazine have regularly featured Jeff in race coverage of the Iditarod and international news reports. From his scientific methods of feeding and training dogs, to his calculating trail strategies and innovative sled designs, Jeff has been the one to watch, year after year.

“For years, the inventive King has cut his own mushing path with notable success…he has trained his dogs by having them swim during the summer to build stamina, he’s tinkered endlessly with nutrition…” says the Anchorage Daily News. Lee Larsen, president of the Iditarod Trail Committee, calls King a “champion in many, many ways.”

Jeff moved to Alaska in 1975 in search of adventure. He quickly became interested in dog sledding and Alaskan huskies, devoting all his spare time and money to building his own team, while developing a construction business. He began racing in 1980. His competitive nature and athleticism had found a new outlet, and Jeff set his sights ever higher, entering his first Iditarod just one year later. In 1992 he decided to devote his full time and energy to training and racing, setting aside his construction business. He won his first Iditarod the following season.

Jeff enjoys living just outside of Alaska’s Denali National Park and sharing his life with his sled dogs. In the summer months, Husky Homestead welcomes visitors from around the world to watch his sled dogs in action, hear stories of adventure, learn about Alaskan Huskies, the tradition of dog mushing and the life and spirit of Alaska, the last frontier.

A natural-born storyteller, Jeff shares a lifetime of adventure stories in public speaking engagements and in his book Cold Hands Warm Heart. Since the release of his first collection of stories, fans have been begging for “More!” In the fall of 2011, Jeff produced a newly expanded edition with additional stories and photographs and a deeper look into a life well-lived.

"It was recommended to us by friends and we’ll recommend to other friends. It was just outstanding!" - D. Lynch – Clearwater, FL

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