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It’s RACE time!

Greetings Folks!

It’s RACE time! We have two teams headed down for the Sheep Mountain 150 this weekend. The race will begin on Saturday, December 17, 2011. With a full field of 60 teams signed up this should be a fun one to watch.

Jeff will be running the following team of 12:
Booth, Burglar, Butch, Coltrane, Guilder, Kroner, Menace, Merlot, Norton, Spider, Stewart & Suspect.

Kristin Knight will be running team #2 from the Homestead, with the following 10:
Bailey, Barnum, Brennan, Brooks, Clipper, Deets, Rebel, Skeeter, Solo & Vespa.

We wish all teams GOOD LUCK and we will be following Jeff and Kristin on their progress over the weekend. You can too! Click here to follow the race and get updates at, or click here for a link to the Sheep Mountain 150 event page on Facebook.

We know we’ve been absent on the blog circuit for a while… but we’ve been busy on Facebook! Head on over to our Husky Homestead Tours page and give us a ‘like’. You can see what we’ve been up to! We’ve got pics posted of the puppies from the summer, and if you would like to, feel free to drop us a note and tell us about your visit at Husky Homestead! We always welcome pictures too.

Have a great weekend all and we hope to have a recap of the first race of the season on Monday!

Happy Trails,
HH Crew

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"This 'inside story' about the race, how the dogs are raised and the Kings' relationship with the dogs is amazing. To experience it is to understand it." - Reid Woodward – California

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