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Iditarod Time!

Hey Race Fans!

Iditarod 39 will begin tomorrow with the Ceremonial Start in Anchorage!! Are you going to be there to cheer on the 62 teams as they head down 4th Avenue? Will you make it to the restart on Sunday as the teams depart for Nome?

If you can’t make it to the start… FEAR NOT! You can watch it from the comfort (& warmth!) of your own home! The Iditarod Insider will be streaming live video of the Ceremonial Start in Anchorage, the race Restart in Willow, as well as the Finish in Nome. Honestly, I don’t know what we did without the Insider videos and the GPS trackers – they both definitely make the race a lot more fun for those of us that are not on the trail.

And speaking of not being on the trail…. most of you already know that Jeff is not running the race this year. After 35+ years of battling the elements on trails around the state every winter, he decided he was ‘tired of being cold’. [To this I replied “$5 please.” That’s our ‘whining’ fee…] Jeff has spent the winter in the Lower 48, and he is currently poised to follow another great race…. although the one he will be watching first hand is in Norway – the Finnmarksløpet! The Finnmarksløpet is the northernmost sled dog race in the world. Click on the link to check out their homepage and find out more about this great race that begins next week!
While Jeff is checking out Norway and waiting for the Finnamrksløpet to begin, I know he will be checking out the Iditarod. If you were looking for a list of nearly every possible link there is for anything Iditarod related – check out Iditarod Race Talk. They have posted a list of Websites, Blogs, Webcams, FB and Twitter links that is bound to keep you up until all hours of the night!

We would like to wish all of the Iditarod mushers GOOD LUCK! Safe travels to Nome, and may everyone – both two-legged & four-legged – arrive happy and health under the Burled Arch in Nome.

Happy Trails,
HH Crew

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