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Our heaviest week of training of the season, the dogs and crew just returned from over 200 miles of trail. Still no lack of moose, caribou, and the dreaded porcupine. God, I hate those prickly little SOB’s! Daylight is down 49 minutes from last week, and so much of our day passes in gray dusk and indirect light. Not much chance of skin cancer here. Must admit, I must be getting soft – we’re backing off from training for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday (just 180 miles).

I’ll be attending a Grand Opening for a new Cabela’s store in East Hartford, CT, and then having Thanksgiving dinner with in-laws on the East Coast. Very much looking forward to it (really, Barb & Tom, I am).

Hey, check out Virgil Trout’s picture on this blog entry. Virgil is 80 years young and has worked with us for over 10 years. He truly is one of my best friends, always happy, always ready to do more than asked – a joy to have around. Any smoothing of my rough edges in the last 10 years have come from being around this man. Thank you, Virgil for all you’ve done.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who have taken the time to catch up with Husky Homestead. And we’ll talk to you in a week! Happy Trails, jk


  1. Jeff & Gang,
    Thanks for answering my question.
    We just finished making salt maps of Alaska & Nebraska as a way of comparing land regions and Native American regions. The students have gained awareness that we are landlocked flat landers in Nebraska. Our little Chimney Rock is an ant hill when compared to Mt. McKinley in your neck of the woods!
    We wish all at Husky Homestead a Healthy & Happy Thanksgiving!!
    Judi & 4th Graders
    Central Elementary

  2. It was such a thrill to meet you at the new Cabela’s in East Hartford, CT. Nice to hear that you will be celebrating Thanksgiving on the East Coast. Hope you have a happy and healthy holiday. I just ordered your book. Looking forward to its arrival in February and to the Iditarod in March.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you all over there! I went to a new Cabelas store opening just South of Tacoma last weekend. So cool, they even have hitching posts in the car park to tie up your horse!

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