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Happy Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving greetings from Denali! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. We sure did while visiting the east coast for the Grand Opening of the East Hartford Cabela’s and turkey dinner with the family.


Back home to the grind. 14 degrees and crystal clear. Not a lot of snow, but I’ve seen less. Sad day here at the homestead, Virgil’s pulling out for his 3-4 months in the sun. Very happy for him, but he will be missed.

The kennel crew has been awesome. Training the dogs 100′s of miles since I left two weeks ago. I spent last night and today getting updated on the happenings and the dogs look fantastic. Fat and happy!

We are posting a picture of Phoebe who is one of the top 30 adult race dogs in training. We have decided to live without Phoebe and she is available for sale for $2500. This one’s the “real deal”. She finished the Iditarod last year with the pup team and has made every inch of training to date this year. I must say the biggest complaint that I have with her is that she has a pink nose. (I’m not joking.) Anyway, know anyone that’s interested, send us an e-mail. She has never been lame, never had pups, and is ready to roll.

I’m headed down to the Iditarod rookie meeting and hopefully share some information that will keep some of this years rookies from making mistakes that I have made in the past.

I can’t wait to get back on a sled by next week. Until then, may your trails be fast and smooth… JK


  1. My husband Dennis and I held Phoebe as a young pup in our arms, during our Spring 2005 visit to Goose Lake kennels. Even then, we could tell she was *special*!

    -Kathy & Dennis Golden, Glenwood, NJ

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