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Goose Lake Kennel Newsletter #1

jeff & taesub

Happy Trails from Goose Lake Kennel in Denali, Alaska. This is gonna be fun! You might have noticed that we just had our website redone by Taesub who visited us from Korea. Wow. Does he know a lot about computers! He was a huge help and a lot of fun to have around. Thank you Taesub for a job well done!

We certainly have been busy around here. And now that Carrie’s back there is someone who can type as fast as I talk (this is really gonna be fun)! Donna and I have been working madly on a book project that we expect to have out by race time. The book is full of Donna’s artwork – most of which long since has been “sold out”. And the stories throughout the book evolve around the dogs and Alaska. It really has been a lot of fun and something that we’ve wanted to do for a long time.

donna & taesub

We haven’t missed a beat however, training the dogs for the upcoming race season. We have a fantastic staff of trainer/handlers that include Jennifer Kemper, Dave DeCaro and Jason Reppert. It really is the “dream team”. Our camp is set up on the Denali Highway and one of us is out there more nights than we’re not. As usual the Denali Highway is chock full of wildlife, and we have seen Dahl sheep, grizzly bear, lots of moose, caribou, swans, porcupines, the list goes on and on. It really is a fantastic place to train.

I’m not exactly sure how we’ll use this blog – but at first glance I would expect to put two or three posts per month for those of you who want to keep up with what’s going on here. And I also will use this blog to post any “dogs for sale”, and pictures of said dogs. We have some available right now – so check back really soon…right Carrie? (yes Jeff).

So the blog is work in progress. If you’re interested check back & until then we’ll see ya on the trail!


  1. Great stuff Jeff and staff!
    My 4th graders and I listened to the audio clip of the book. They really thought it was cool to hear your voice tell the story. We will enjoy following the blog; great addition to the website! :)

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"My husband surprised me with this tour! Been following the Iditarod for years – loved, loved, loved this! Thanks Jeff and team!" - J. Rolinger – SC

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