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Gin Gin & the cold!

Ouch! This is why we don’t give tours in the winter!



We just got back from a wild weekend at the Gin Gin and damn, it was COLD! Jason got some serious frost damage to his toes, and we’re all bundling up to let this cold snap run its course. The dogs all survived the weekend without a scratch, however I didn’t. I did “scratch” from the race on the return leg from Maclaren. I chose to take the dogs back west towards our training camp and avoid the high winds that had been hammering the race on the east side. No regrets, however it was particularly tough to withdraw from a race when I was in first place and 45 minutes ahead of my good buddy Lance. It was the right thing to do for the dogs and especially for Jason. I recommend keeping all 10 toes.

Today Dave and Carrie are off to Anchorage to see Sam Bush and ring in the New Year. I’m going to spend today and tomorrow playing board games with my daughters before they all head back to warmer climates and their busy lives elsewhere.

Stay tuned…


  1. Hey Jeff King… I am at a ski resort in Gelana Iowa… this morning it was around 2 degrees and with windshield well under that. i thought that it was cold today… but looking at those pictures i think that you definatley win in the cold catogorey.

    oh by the way i am reading your book COLD HANDS WARM HEART, i am only on the 4th chapter but i think that it is a very good book so far. i also went to you home and took a tour last year and thought it was really great. i want to intern with someone like you when i can, than branch out to a career from working with dogs like that. if you have any advice for me you can email me at

    Hope you have a wonderful new year.

    yours truley,
    15 year old, Lindsay O’Keefe, Iowa

  2. Ouch – those frostbitten toes look painful!

    So do I understand correctly that you mushed to the Gin Gin – and home again – and didn’t take your dogtruck? I guess it’s not that far for a long distance champ like you, but I just wanted to make sure I was reading those reports right and you were only at Paxon for the official start on Saturday morning. Or did I miss something?

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