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Fun Stuff!

We’ve been playing around with a new video camera!! Check out some footage on You Tube by clicking here!!



  1. I loved the you tube videos, I also loved your book and can’t wait for the next one

  2. Love the video clips! Any chance you might give us a little tour of the Homestead and introduce some of the dogs? I love Cold Hands Warm Heart. The audio version is my companion when I go to the gym; always takes my mind off the task at hand. Great stories!

  3. Jeff,
    Happy 2009!
    Those are great videos. Thanks for posting those for all of us Husky Homestead and Iditarod Fans to enjoy. I can’t wait to show those to the fourth graders. They will love that.
    A big fat OUCH on those toes! Yikes! Looks really painful! Happy healing to Dave.

  4. Dear Jeff and staff:

    Great clips on you tube. All you have to say is one command and your lead dogs are right on. I went dog sledding at a resort over the weekend. The man in charge of the team keep repeating the commands. Harmony, one of the leads, did really well. Lucy, the other lead, was a little slow. She just followed Harmony. I can’t imagine what it what it would be like to ride in a sled with a champion musher and team! Keep posting! I am enjoying the ride!

    Thanks so much, The Howler

  5. Jeff…
    Wasn’t last year’s K-300 the
    “slush-puppy swim meet”?

    Good luck this weekend…Have fun!

  6. Love the videos. It was so cool to see how quickly they respond to your commands.

  7. OOPS on the toes, my bad.
    Dave glad your toes are fine.
    Jason, big fat ouch on YOUR toes!
    I hope they are healing up well!
    Go Husky Homestead!

  8. Thank you so much for posting those clips! They speak volumes about what it is really like out there on the trail. I was fascinated by the gait of those wheel dogs. Perfectly matched and together, are they brothers?

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"My husband surprised me with this tour! Been following the Iditarod for years – loved, loved, loved this! Thanks Jeff and team!" - J. Rolinger – SC

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