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Friday 3/12/10 Update

Well, Jeff kept his promise.

I just watched the Insider video of the gourmet meal in Ruby. Our dear friend, neighbor and summer Husky Homestead team member, Jamie Kohn, was enjoying the 8 course meal right along side of Jeff. Jamie is volunteering for the Iditarod and has been helping the race for many years now. She knew that she would be working
in Ruby and made Jeff promise to share the meal with her. Always thinking ahead…. : )

Jeff’s team looked incredible in the video as they were parking in Ruby. Titan and Viper in lead as Jeff situated the team for their well-earned warm meal and rest. They will be staying in Ruby to complete the mandatory 8 hour rest. Each team must take an 8 hour break at one of the checkpoints along the Yukon River: Ruby, Galena, Nulato or Kaltag. At this point in the race, Jeff and the team are in command. I received an e-mail from Jeff’s sister this morning, “What’s the pro think, is he going to win?”. My response, ” Looking great but too early to tell.” Lance and his team both looked strong coming into Ruby this morning as well and he is a scary guy to have on your tail. Having that said, Jeff is having a brilliant race. I know that he is having a blast, is very excited and will be wearing a big smile all the way to Front Street and beyond. It has been a dream-come-true ride for him so far.

It is likely he may find the phone in Ruby this morning and have time for a quick call home. If that happens, I will be sure to report back!

It looks like Dave is boosting up on his rest in Ophir. An excellent move at this point in the race for him and his team. It is a long way to Nome!


  1. Thanks again for your updates…….really adds an enjoyable dimension to following Jeff and his team.


  3. I love the video clip of jeff about his team of clydedales. Way cool


  4. Thanks for all the updates. This is so much fun. Go Jeff & Team. God’s Speed.

  5. I can’t believe how exciting this race is! I think Jeff is getting more sleep than I am, as I am glued to the GPS site. Thanks for the updates, it adds a wonderful insite not found else where. And GO PUPPY team!
    Your Friends in St. Louis

  6. Just finished listening to Jeff’s audiobook on a drive from Little Rock, Arkansas to Dallas, Texas. How perfect that the Big Race is going on and Jeff is leading!

    Your Texas Fan

  7. Too excited to have a real life at the moment!! Go Jeff!

  8. We’re cheering Jeff on his way, Donna, hoping for a great race and an easy win! Love the updates, keep ’em coming!

    The Blakeslees in Gulfport, MS

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