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Follow the Trail – Tuesday @ 3:35pm

Jeff arrived into Nikolai this morning at 10:14am, and continues to rest there in the heat of the day.  We’re not sure how long he will stay… our guess had him departing after perhaps a 4 hour rest, however that was not the case as he is still there.  We anticipate his departure sometime soon.

Some of the roughest and toughest sections of the trail are now behind Jeff and many of the mushers.  The Happy River Steps and the Dalzell Gorge can be pretty hard on mushers, as well as their sleds.  Teams departing Rohn for Nikolai  head across the infamous Farewell Burn.

Here is a map of the Southern Route, and over at (direct link to map) you can read more about what each section of trail is like.  Make sure you scroll down a bit and are reading about he Southern Route.  ( :

Southern Route

Southern Route


The Iditarod Trail Committee has been doing a great job of keeping us informed of what is going on in the race.  Some great blogs were posted today, in particular here is one from Sebastian Schnuelle that you may enjoy:  Everything is going to be all right.  Sebastian carries a camera with him along the trail and has been posting photos – this blog has a few pics of Jeff and the team!  Click on over and check it out!

While the team is out on the trail with Jeff, the crew here is enjoying some sunshine and warmer temperatures.  Ellen Donoghue took advantage of the nice weather today and took some dogs out for a spin:

Springtime mushing!

Springtime mushing!

Lots of racing left as the teams continue making their way to Nome!  Stay tuned for more updates here, as well as our Facebook page for Husky Homestead!

Happy Trails,

– The HH Crew


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