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Donna Newsletter – Part 11

I just got off the phone with Jeff from Shaktoolik. He and the dogs are fine though his hands are really swollen (from the cold). He said that the wind is certainly a factor but more significant is the temperature. He is “into the trash pile” for food and though there is no food shortage yet, he believes that it will become an issue. However, that is something that is fixable, he said. The race committee will get food into the checkpoints as needed. The good news is that our dogs are eating great. I’m sure they like the varied menu. He said that Mitch and Aaron had food enough until noon today and were going to wait it out.

He recommended that I not go to Nome yet.

It appears that this wind is supposed to maintain for another 24 hours.

Will keep you posted.


  1. Thanks again for the update. You are the best source of information. I have been wondering why he and most of the others are waiting when others are leaving and making good time. I started thinking maybe something was really wrong (besides the weather).


  2. Thank you again for your updates. I like Di was concerned about the GPS tracker lack of movemnet for Jeff. I am so glad he and the dogs are moving and in good shape. I hope Jeff hands get better. I hope the wind dies down. Through your comments I see that Jeff is a great man concerned about others as well as his own. Even with your understandable concerns you must be very proud of him.

  3. Hi Donna… as always, I love reading your race commentary.

    Thoughts and prayers continue to go out for Jeff, his team… and for all the teams out there in the weather.

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