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Donna: A look to the finish!

Good Afternoon Race Fans!
Donna phoned from Nome a little while ago so I’ll give you her take on what’s happening today.

Donna and Ellen made it safely into Nome this afternoon. Weather report there has it snowing – very light and fluffy! Upon getting tucked away in the home of their host, Miss Ellen was off with the Buser boys and company ~ Donna surmised that she may not be seen until the finish… :)

If you’ve been watching the updates you’ll see that Jeff was into White Mountain an hour behind Lance. Simply stated – if Jeff could have been ahead of Lance, he would have been. Donna listened to an interview with Jeff during his break in White Mountain and she thought that he sounded pretty good. Bruce Lee was questioning Jeff and asked if he had another gear – Jeff’s reply “Yup, I do.” This could be a nail biter folks!

Jeff plans to drop Angus and Lobben before he heads out from White Mountain at 5:50pm this evening. In 2006, Jeff’s team did the run from White Mountain to Nome in 10.5 hours.

Historically, having an hour to make up heading out from White Mountain is something you may bet against. Having 1.5 hours to make up – no way; a half an hour – possible. Jeff definitely has his work cut out for him. If Lance is still able to call his team up and get that other gear… well, we’ll see who’s got the speed when it counts most.

No doubt about it, the race has been very exciting – and it will be an exciting finish too! It’s Lance’s race to lose right now.

Assuming snow doesn’t slow them down too much, Donna expects the winner should cross the finish line between 3-5am.

She’ll give a full report tomorrow on all of the dogs – oh, and Jeff too! Stay tuned….


  1. I think I’m speaking for all of us fans by saying that we’re on the edge of our seats, enjoying this very intense race! It’s a fight to the very end. The suspense is consuming. Tell Jeff, “Thanks for a great race.” I’m enjoying every minute of it.

  2. Husky Homestead Crew,
    We are keeping our fingers crossed in Nebraska. Jeff is a competitor! We know he will continue to give it his best shot, just as he always has. We are behind him all the way!!!!
    Go Jeff, Go Dogs!

  3. No nails left after this awesome race! Saw the update that Jeff and the 14 best doggies are on their way to Nome! God speed Jeff and thanks for a wonderful race! Insider has done a great job with tracking and updates and really enjoying this wonderful experience from Florida. Next year, I’ll see you in Nome! Carol

  4. GO JEFF!!!! I just finished his book and I could hardly put it down! I hope he writes more; I’m sure he could fill a few more books with his adventures!

  5. It sure is a nailbiter! Thank you so much for your commentary, that combined with the GPS tracker gives me as good a race as I could get from my computer desk here in London. Go Jeff! Fantastic race

  6. Can’t sleep and anxiously awaiting Jeff’s ride under the arch! Man I wish I could be there – what a race this year. Absolutely one of the best. Go Jeff Go! Sheri

  7. HIKE! HIKE! Take us home ” boys”….

    Go team!!!!

  8. Jeff, Donna, & Crew,
    Congrats on your finish! You all
    are a class act. I am showing my students the video of Jeff commenting on his finish as an example of sportsmanship. Thank you for being such a great example for students and people in general. It was great watching you compete. We are very proud of you.
    Great Job!!!
    Judi &
    Students at Central Elementary

  9. I too wish all of you sincere congratulations on your team effort for this year’s Iditarod! In my mind’s eye, Jeff, you came in first. What’s an hour or so when you were on the trail for days!!! Neck and neck with the team in front of you! Great race! Looking forward to the All Alsaka Sweepstakes. Could someone direct me to a link, please? Thanks!

    Happy Trails, Jeff and four-legged team mates!!

  10. iJeff, Donna & crew:

    Great race folks! I agree with Judi that the interview showed a great deal of sportsmanship…
    Get a good night’s sleep!

    Sweepstakes info

  11. Thanks, Pat!

  12. My pleasure, Howler!

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