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Denial in Denali

What follows are some updated pics of those frostbitten toes!! Don’t say we didn’t warn you this time!

Still cold out there… gosh I love our garage and dog barn. Getting lots of chores done in preparation for the K-300 and Tustumena 200, as well as Iditarod.

Jason’s resigned to indoor jobs for a while. I told him that an old Sourdough trick was to suck on frostbitten extremities… and he went for it.I thought it would be funny, but he says it helps! All joking aside, frostbite is a serious hazard in these temperatures. Jason is doing a great job taking care of his very sore toes, and is well on the path to recovery. I’m not sure how we managed to keep 32 dogs from any frost injury, we definitely goofed when it came to Jason. I’m pretty sure it won’t happen again.

Jason trying out that old Sourdough trick…

Jason trying out that old Sourdough trick…

Jason’s toe…

Jason’s toe…

Another shot of that handsome toe…minus the toenail…

Another shot of that handsome toe…minus the toenail…

We are running dogs out of the kennel as the local trails are in excellent condition. Donna and her Border Collies (Peg & Q) are off to Washington state for a couple of weeks of agility competition. Good luck baby! You go girl!

Tessa and Ellen are flying back to the lower 48 tomorrow as well. Tessa is headed to Missoula to keep Jake out of trouble. Ellen is headed back to southern California to most likely get into trouble. She has a wonderful opportunity to visit Catalina Island this coming weekend, prior to Christmas Break being over. She’ll be visiting classmate Alex Wenger’s family and getting a taste of a very different environment. She really got a kick out of posting a “-62 F” picture from the Fred Meyer parking lot in Fairbanks during our most recent visit there.

OK – I’m off to a great dinner – green curry! A special request made by Dave DeCaro!


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"We visited and had a wonderful time! Our 7 year old said, “It was the best day of her life!!” Thank you for all you do for the dogs!" - The Deaters – Cibolo, TX

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