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Carrie: The Team!

Thanks so much for all of the e-mails that you have been sending! Along with the posts that you’ve made on the blog – we know that you’re checking in just as much as we are!

Quite a few of you have written wanting to know what dogs made the final cut for the team. So here you are – the final 16:


More soon! -Carrie


  1. We visited you this past August and met you and Deets, so we are excited follow the race and the team. Thanks for all the details. I am sharing with my fourth grade class here in Central Illinois…lower 48 of course!!!!

  2. wohooo!!! Things look promising with this fast run into Cripple!

  3. I have been wondering (from the warmth of my home) what sort of sleep/rest/work patterns Jeff and the dogs have when they are on the trail. Can you explain?

  4. Jeff we are so proud of you and it’s been exciting keeping track of you by checking the Iditarod website.

    Mackey should be afraid now. Looking over his shoulder as you and your beautiful dogs crawl up his back.
    Very afraid!
    Win this and we’ll get you a pizza from Happy Joe’s.
    Dave & Bev

  5. We visited Healy, Alaska this past late June/early July. We are family of El & Joel L. We visited your Husky Homestead and feel in love with your dogs! The puppies were so cute to hold! We have been following the race from our home in Brockport, NY (west of Rochester, and about 2 hours from Syracuse wehre we know Donna is from). The kids are wearing their 2006 shirts proudly and we tell everyone about you and your dogs! We have been watching the race on line nightly. We are praying for the safety of Jeff, the dogs, and all the teams! Go #11 JEFF!

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