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Apr 13th 10:50am • 20 Comments

Happy Monday!

We have a happy Momma this morning! Clipper gave birth yesterday to this squeaky little pile of puppies!!

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Apr 13th 8:08am • 22 Comments

We are SO excited to share with you that Jeff was the recipient of the Humanitarian Award at the Kobuk 440 banquet last night!! :D Way to go, Bossman!!

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Kobuk 440

Jeff King won the Humanitarian Award and Andrew Brown won the Sportsmanship Award. The Kobuk 440 Racing Association was pleased to announce at the banquet that we were able to raise the total purse from $35,000 to $45,000.

Apr 7th 8:50am • 13 Comments

Congratulations to Dempsey Woods, Sr. On his Red Lantern finish in the Kobuk 440!!

The Awards Banquet is going on this evening and with that... It's a wrap on the Race Season!!

Yabba Dabba Doo!!


Kobuk 440

Dempsey Woods Sr into kotzebue in 11th place at 3:59pm. Congratulations to our Red Lantern.

Apr 6th 8:24pm • 2 Comments

A few more teams have crossed the finish line in Kotzebue!

Congratulations to...
#8 - Andrew Brown - in Sunday evening at 8:23pm!
#9 - Jim Bourquin - in at 2:54am this morning!
#10 - Paul Hansen - in at 6:55am this morning!
Way to go teams!

Just one more musher on the trail! Dempsey Woods, Sr. is about 36 miles out of Kotzebue!

#kobuk440 #lastraceoftheseason

Apr 6th 10:43am • No Comments

Congratulations to fellow #teamredpaw musher Ken Anderson on his 5th place finish!
In 6th place was Tim Pappas and in 7th was Hugh Neff!!
Still more to come...!

Apr 5th 9:02pm • 1 Comment

Congratulations to Kristin (Bacon's Acres' Kennel) Bacon and team on their 4th place finish in the Kobuk 440!! Woo-hoo!

She arrived with a full team of 12 dogs, including "Felon" and 11 Husky Homestead dogs. We haven't seen pictures yet, but we can guess she is wearing her trademark smile!


Kobuk 440

Kristin Bacon is into Kotzebue in 4th place at 12:07pm

Apr 5th 12:18pm • 10 Comments

And we have a winner! Congratulations to Cim Smyth and team on their first place finish! :)

Jeff and team arrived back into Kotzebue 46 minutes behind Cim, for a great 2nd place finish! Woo hoo! err... we mean Yabba Dabba Do!

John Baker finished in 3rd place at 8:48am!

Annnnd, who's it going to be for 4th place?!?! The tracker shows Kristin Bacon of Bacon's Acres' Kennel about 27 miles out, with Ken Anderson and Tim Pappas following closely. This could be a race to the finish for these three teams! Go Kristin!!

Jeff is in Kotzebue, looking for coffee, hoping for a nap and a much needed shower - then down to watch the remaining teams arrive. :)

Stay tuned...!!


Apr 5th 9:21am • 11 Comments

Race Update!

Jeff and team followed Cim Smyth into the Selawik checkpoint - Cim in at 4:00pm and Jeff just ten minutes behind him at 4:10pm.
John Baker, arriving at 5:31pm, was the third team into the checkpoint.

Kristin (Bacon's Acres' Kennel) Bacon, is running a great race and is just outside of Selawik, and will be the 5th musher in!

Jeff and Kristin are the only two mushers in the race that are still running a full team of 12 dogs. ;) And not to be forgotten, Kristin received the Humanitarian Award in this years' Kuskokwim 300 Sled Dog Race! A successful finish here and she will be qualified to run the #Iditarod next year!

Stay tuned race fans....!!

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Apr 4th 7:14pm • 4 Comments

Lots of GREAT photos in this album! Check them out!

#kobuk440 #alaska

Kobuk 440

Katherine Joy Photography

Apr 4th 8:22am • 4 Comments

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Iditarod re-Start moves to Fairbanks!

This years' Iditarod will start in Fairbanks - only the second time that the start has been moved.

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Alpine Creek Excursions (ACE)

Stephanie and team as they cross the finish line in Steph's FIRST race!!

What a fun weekend!  Husky Homestead had two teams in the Alpine Creek Excursions race this past Saturday, and they did pretty darn well!  Jeff ran a 12 dog team, and our handler Stephanie Otto (running her FIRST race) ran an eight dog team.  Stephanie departed the start just minutes before Jeff did, and after taking off full throttle Jeff shouted "don't forget the brake!"  haha!  Jeff ended the Read More →

Race Week in Bethel!


Greetings Race Fans! It's been a busy week:  final training run on the highway was on Sunday, Monday had us packing everything up and re-checking our gear, etc., Tuesday the team headed to Anchorage where everyone enjoyed a comfortable night at the Inlet Tower, then up and at 'em early on Wednesday to get the dogs over to Alaska Air Cargo before the truck and trailer were parked - then the Read More →

Off to the Knik!

the teams are set!

Husky Homestead is a blur of activity with the starting of the New Year! 1,500 training miles logged, and preliminary races lay behind and ahead. The first race of the season was the Alpine Creek Excursion – 62 miles right in our backyard and making use of the trails that Husky Homestead uses all winter long... the Denali Highway! Despite being distracted by helping to organize the race along Read More →

Gobble Gobble!

Greetings Husky Homestead Fans! It's been a busy fall so far!  The snow fell early this year - as in September early!  Much to the excitement (or perhaps disappointment..) of our last guests of the season we had several inches on the ground! Then of course Mother Nature decided to offer up a very mild October which allowed us to get many projects finished before winter came back to stay.  We Read More →

Kobuk 440 – Heading for Selawik!

While we run the dogs, play with puppies, eat dinner and get some sleep - Jeff and the Team continue to lead the Kobuk 440! When we left you last, the team was out of Ambler and heading for the turn-around point of Kobuk.  Jeff arrived into the Kobuk checkpoint in first position Friday evening at 7:19pm and stayed for 18 minutes.  While this short stop in the checkpoint does add to his Read More →

Kobuk – Heading for Shungnak & Kobuk

Jeff and the Team spent nearly 7 hours resting in Ambler during the heat of the day.  In Kotzebue the temperatures may not be too hot during the day - but all that sunshine is what gets you!  The dogs had a chance to get a nice rest at the checkpoint here before heading back out on the trail. Our previous guess on the dropped dog situation turned out to be incorrect.  According to the Official Read More →

Kobuk 440 – In to Ambler!

Jeff and the Team are into the Ambler checkpoint!  They were the first team in this morning at 9:08am, with the Katherine Keith arriving just three minutes later.  While Jeff took four hours rest back in Kiana, you can expect him to stay here for some more rest before heading up the trail to Kobuk. It seems that some of the girls on the Team are having some disagreements - particularly Skeeter Read More →

Race day in Kotzebue!

Jeff prepares the dog box and some gear for the flight to Kotzebue.  (Photo courtesy Robin Berkowitz)

Hey race fans!  We're back on the trail today in Kotzebue! Jeff and the team departed Husky Homestead on Monday afternoon to make the trek to Anchorage where they caught their flights to Kotzebue in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.   After arriving in Kotz, Jeff delivered his drop bags to Ryan Air for distribution to the checkpoints, and helped his host family with a minor Read More →

We are racing!

Race fans... we have ourselves a race!!  Isn't this exciting?!?!? We just watched the latest Iditarod Insider video that shows Jeff camped about 8 miles out from Kaltag, headed for Elim.  He was sitting on his cooler and eating a nice hot breakfast burrito that he heated up in his cooker seat.  His strategy at this point is to "stay out of sight" of those following him, and be the first musher Read More →

"Heartwarming and humorous, such loving puppies. What a worthwhile tour and presentation." - Terry & Paula – Wichita, KS

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