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Lot’s happening here at the Homestead. Finally no gravel can be seen anywhere. Mushing has been really pretty good. I prefer a little snow to a ton of snow – like Trapper Creek where they have 5 ft. Really makes it hard to get out and about. Jennifer & Jason took dogs down to a race in Trapper Creek last weekend and had a blast. I believe we won the Red Lantern. (I believe that’s the first time that a Red Lantern has ever been brought home. It will be displayed in a place of honor!) As soon as they got home, we loaded up the race dogs and headed back out the Denali Highway to the MacLaren Valley and beyond. We helped Alan & Susie set up their own radio station. The call letters are KMAC – you’re voice of the MacLaren Valley. It’s very fun. We also have a radio transmitter here at Denali that runs off of our computer. We’re too far away from town to get any “regular” radio, so we make do. The equipment to do this comes from Ramsey Electronics. If anyone is interested in more information, you should Google them.

Dave and Jason

So, while we were out at MacLaren training the other day, news of the cancellation of the Sheep Mountain race reached us and we quickly came up with an alternative that we think is going to be a lot of fun. It’s a 50 mile race beginning at MacLaren River Lodge and returning to same. Mushers have to arrive at MacLaren which is 42 miles from anywhere, and then they’re going to have to go home, making it a fun filled training weekend. Details are on MacLaren’s website at

Jason and Dave on Hiway

Finally we got done with our audio version of my new book “Cold Hands, Warm Heart”. (Have already heard some say it should read “Cold Heart, Warm Hands”…not funny!) It is 5 cd’s long and almost 5 hours of stories from the trail. The printed version is on schedule for printing right after the first of the year. I don’t think we’ll have any trouble making our promised shipped date of sometime in February. If there is anyone out there reading this, it would be nice for you to send a comment. Because if no one out there is reading this, well then I’m going to quit doing them. :)
Happy Trails! Yours truly, Jeff & Carrie


  1. I’m here!

    Reading about mushing is as close as I can get to running dogs. So keep it up!

  2. Keep the posts coming. It is nice to see the prep that goes into Iditarod training. Can’t wait to read the book of stories.

  3. Love to hear how it’s going. Used to run dogs and miss it. This helps. Rick

  4. How beautiful it is!! Can’t wait the book.! Taesub.

  5. I’m reading!

    Nice to know what’s going on at the Husky Homestead, how training’s coming, etc. Keep the posts coming!


  6. I check this everyday for updates so please continue, loving every minute of it. thanks for all the hard work.

  7. Ok, so here’s a comment for you! ;o) But, I’m still waiting for some of your training tips…Ha ha ha!

    Keep it coming, Jeff. It’s great to see you blogging. And yeah, I’m jealous of the snow. Makes me want to call in sick, load the truck and come down for a run.

  8. I’m reading from down here in Georgia! Please keep writing the blog as I really enjoy reading the posts!

    Was disappointed to hear that the Sheep Mountain 150 was cancelled. Sounds like the new race will be fun though!

    Can’t wait to read your book!

    Alice White
    Dog & Sled Magazine

  9. There are lots of us reading. Don’t stop! I live vicariously through your adventures : ) while suffering through 77 degree december weather here in NC ( I want snow!)

  10. i’m absolutely reading. it’s very nice to read in the evening after being out taining sleddog myself.

    greatings from mid sweden

  11. Hey Jeff,

    Yeah – PLEASE keep the updates coming – even if they get shorter they are a fantastic read!

    Really looking forward to listening to your CD’s (and so will Breve) Just a quick funny story about him…

    In a couple of the Iditarod videos you can her the commands you’re giving the dogs. Whenever you give any commands Breve comes running up the TV and gets really excited… Really funny to see – he sure must remember you voice…

    Thanks for the great Blog.

    Jeff T

  12. Thanks for all of the comments and the e-mails – keep ’em coming! I told Jeff you guys were reading it! 😉

  13. Love the posts!! Its great to learn about all the hard work that goes into training the dogs. Its fascinating stuff and preps us to be glued to our computers for Iditarod! We are eagerly awaiting the audio book (hopefully for Christmas???). Dana says hi to Donna and the girls too!

  14. Hey Jeff were reading down here in Washington.Love your team Go Salem!!!!

  15. Yaay!
    I’m here too… in beautiful snowy, cold St Paul, MN….

    Looks like I am coming up for the race with Cabela’s… again! Are the books and CD’s going to be available at the Send off Party?
    Site looks great… look forward to the book.

    Hi to Donna!

  16. Jeff & Carrie,
    Hi! Your little 4th grade fans from Nebraska and their Iditanut teacher is reading! Great to see all the snow and hear the news from Alaska.
    Don’t stop the Blog!!!! It’s great! The pictures are awesome and we love the commentary!!
    Hi to all the King’s and the Husky Homestead Crew!

  17. Hi there! you must be one of the few places in the world that is colder than London at the moment! I love keeping in touch with your training stories and photos! More please!

  18. I’m reading too (if I count). Willow is finally getting a little winter. Kinda cold, but snow is minimal. Did get out with 4 dogs the other day though. Gonzo may have foung his place as wheel dog and occasional house dog.

  19. I’m reading too! If I can’t be in Denali I can at least live there through these blogs.

  20. Keep the updates coming. Can’t wait to hear what’s happening next at GooseLake Kennels.

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