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A Skijoring Win!

Jeff had an eventful weekend down in Chemult, OR last weekend!

He took first place in his first skijoring race! It was a 2 dog, 2.5 mile race. His first place team consisted of “Texas” and “Tin” – a few ‘retirees’ that now live with our good friends Jeanne & Bob down in Bend, OR. Woot woot POTUS!

Jeff also competed in the 4 dog, 4 mile race that was made up of 15 teams. It was a dual start race and wouldn’t it figure that he was paired with a guy named Lance! Haha! Well, Lance went on to win the race and Jeff and team (Salem, Deets, Houston & Call) placed 6th with a very happy team. Jeff holds no hard feelings towards this Lance either, comparing him with ‘Alaska Lance’ and saying that it was hard to be pissed at either one since they are both really nice guys and have such beautiful dogs.

A few pics of some dogs that made up Jeff’s team:

Salem's Winter Vacation


houston & sprinkler

It seems that the weekend was a fun time down there, filled with all kinds of mid-distance races, kids races and skijoring races.

After Jeff’s weekend on the trails he decided to head back to his alma mater – Shasta College and spend a bit of time running around the football field and the track. He did say that it became clear to him that the low hurdles are higher now than they were a while back. (Ah… perhaps it has been a little more than a ‘while back’ since he now gets the AARP magazine and dislikes it so when I put that one on his desk….shhh!)

Jeff was hoping for another race this weekend in Weed, OR but it seems that one turned out to be a no-go. So if you’re feeling a bit deprived of dog racing or skijoring, take a look at the Kuskokwim 300 race that starts this Friday evening up in Bethel, AK. This race has always been a favorite of Jeff’s – in fact he is a 7 time champion! Click on the link and check out their website. There are 20 teams signed up and you may recognize some of them! We wish all of the mushers a great race, as well as a happy and healthy team at the finish line! Good Luck!

A big congratulations to Jake Berkowitz for his win at the Copper Basin a couple of weeks ago! Jake finished with a great time – breaking the all time race record! This young man may be someone to keep an eye on… and I hear he’s got some great dogs that came from Jeff King and Jon Little. Check out their website for some more information on how the race turned out – complete photos, interviews and final musher standings.

Alright! That’s gonna be it for now…. keep checking back with us here at Husky Homestead! We hope to be posting more information on Jeff’s adventures – including his participation in an upcoming race in Wisconsin!!

Happy Trails,
The HH Crew


  1. rochabloCongratulations, Jeff!! Glad to hear that you are having a dog-gone good time “down” here!

    Looking forward to see what lies ahead…

    The Howler

  2. Salem sure looks relaxed in that photo!

  3. Happy to hear you’re racing! Congratulations on your win. We’ll be watching for more…

    your fans from South Texas (Galveston area)

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