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2012 Iditarod Team

Greetings race fans! The time is nearly here… Iditarod 2012! This Saturday Jeff and team will be running down 4th Avenue in Anchorage for the Ceremonial Start of the 40th anniversary of the Last Great Race.

Introductions to the team will be shared with you over a few blogs. Let’s get started with a few today.

2012 Iditarod Team Collage

2012 Iditarod Team Collage



Burglar is 3 years old and is from the “Crimes and Misdemeanors” litter of Solomon x Berkeley. Burglar is the type of dog you don’t have to think about in the dog yard, understated, perhaps even a bit humble. Yet Burglar is a super star leader with excellent drive and “let’s go” attitude.



Also from the “Crimes and Misdemeanors” litter of Solomon x Berkeley, Menace is a 3 year old, high-energy powerhouse team dog and usually runs toward the rear of the team. If you look at his puppy pictures compared to his two brothers he was noticeably chunkier. As an adult Menace continues to be an excellent eater and easily maintains a healthy weight, a critical asset to a long-distance team.



The third guy on the 2012 team from the “Crimes and Misdemeanors” litter of Solomon X Berkely is Suspect. If you have had the opportunity to visit Husky Homestead in recent years then you’ve probably seen Suspect in the big dog wheel (i.e., oversize hamster wheel). He applies the same maniac passion that he has about running in the wheel to his jobs as a lead and team dog. If there is trouble in the dog yard Suspect is often in the midst of it, living up to his name.

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"This is my 2nd trip to Alaska and 2nd time going to Husky Homestead!! It is still the highlight of the 14 day journey! Love it! Impressive!" - L. Thomas – Rockford, IL

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