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2012 Iditarod Team – Part 4

Kroner - 2012 Team Photo


Kroner is littermate to Guilder (Solomon x Dollar, “international currency” litter) and is about as sweet, easy-going, and unassuming as they come. He gets along with everyone, which means at times it can be convenient to place him with rabble-rousers. Sometimes when hooking up the team, Kroner gives a look of “please put me with someone mellow today” to which we abide. A long-legged, long-backed handsome blond with a smooth gait, Kroner runs comfortably anywhere in the team.

Clipper - 2012 Race Team Photo


This long-legged beauty (Solomon x Dollar, 2009) is a hard-working, unfussy, reliable team dog. Check out the twinkle in her eye and sparkle of her luscious coat. A young dog with innate talents, Clipper is developing attributes of a champion long-distance racer. If you visited Husky Homestead last summer, you likely snuggled with her five puppies. We’ve nicknamed one of them “Minnie Clipper” (aka Minnie) because she is the splitting image of her momma.

Bailey - 2012 Team Photo


Bailey and his brother Barnum are out of last year’s Salem x Skeeter “Circus Brothers” litter. With long legs and long backs, these young boys are the biggest dogs in the yard. And yet Bailey’s trot is as effortless, graceful, and consistent as they come – poetry in motion. He also eats and rests well out on the trail. Combine with these attributes the fact that he is one of the mellowest dogs in the yard and you’ll appreciate why we say that Bailey has an “old soul.” If a yearling were to make an Iditarod team it would be sweet Bailey!

Hooch - 2012 Team Photo


Madam “Hooch” is Judy Currier’s dog and is out of Zorro x Judy’s Wilma “Harry Potter” litter. Littermates Hermi, Weasely, and Wizard will be on the trail with other teams as well. Hooch is super happy and loving and fits in well with Jeff’s team. Her gait is effortless and she seems to flow down the trail; could be the wind effect though, pushing her ears from behind.

Tundra - 2012 Team Photo


Tall and towering, Tundra is the second dog of Judy Currier running on Jeff’s team this year. He is out of Yuksi and Teva. Following his parents footsteps, three year old Tundra is testing his skills at lead, taking one big step at a time. Tundra just loves to run and is excited about his first journey down the Iditarod trail with his cousins.

Well there you have it folks! The whole team!
Stay tuned to the blog as we will be posting updates of the race here, and then sharing those on our Facebook page. If you haven’t checked us out on Facebook, you can find us at:!

Happy Trails!
HH Crew

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