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2012 Iditarod Team – Part 2

Skeeter - 2012 Team Photo


From the “Insects” litter (Mackey’s Zorro x Shannon) are lead dogs Skeeter (f) and Spider (m), 4 years old. To the males in the yard, Skeeter is like a big sister who thrives on bossing around her younger brothers. You can almost hear in her bark “Do this” “Don’t do that!” To the females, Skeeter is feisty girl who doesn’t hesitate to accuse her sisters of borrowing her favorite shoes or party dress without permission (so to speak). Skeeter applies a similar type of “me, me, me” attitude when running in the lead position: “Out of the way, I am coming through and we are not stopping ‘til we get there.”



Also from the “Insects” litter (Mackey’s Zorro x Shannon) is Spider (m), 4 years old and another leader. Spider, in contrast to his sister, Skeeter, is a playful and patient uncle to his neighbors in the dog yard who are mostly 6-10 month old pups. Reserving his zeal for the gangline, Spider excels at leading the team through tough terrain.



Meet Stewart (Solomon x Klarney, 2008). From the “Talk Show Hosts” litter, Stewart is not unlike his namesake (Jon Stewart) in how he brings humor and unexpected clarity to serious and complicated matters of the day. Stewart is as driven and tough as he is reliable and unflappable. We find ourselves calling him “Stewart, The Man.” He also has a whimsical endearing quality about him and has been known to purr like a cat when scratched around his ears (more gurgly groan than purr, but you get the idea).





Meet two handsome young males, Guilder (3 years, Solomon x Dolloar) and Merlot (2 years, Solomon x Klarney) and Guilder (3 years old, Solomon x Dollar). With their matching and seemingly effortless trots, these good buddies usually run together in wheel. Both have easy-going attitudes, are good eaters, and conserve heat by cuddling up side-by-side on straw during rest times. Such a fluid and graceful pair…synchronized swimmers in a past lives, perhaps?

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"I came up with my family for a 14 day Alaskan adventure and this excursion was by far my favorite! Holding the puppies and being nuzzled by the older dogs was truly magical. I hope I will be able to come back again soon. Had such a great time. Thanks so much." - E. Schilling – Wisconsin

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