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2012 Iditarod – Takotna to Cripple

Hello Race Fans!

Life in Denali has been squeezed in around checking the race updates! We have found some time to enjoy the gorgeous weather that we’ve been having, and get out on the trail too!

salem team shot

While Jeff and team were resting at Takotna this afternoon, Salem and his friend Griffin led a team consisting of Brooks, puppies Wax, Wane, Flow, and Zig and their papa Cael on a beautiful training run here at Husky Homestead. Salem seems to know exactly what is going on with Jeff and the other dogs this week.

As for the race…  :)

Jeff opted to take his 24 hour mandatory rest in Takotna this year.  In the midst of caring for the team and himself (food and sleep for both!), Jeff had enough time to call home!

He started off by saying that he was enjoying the beautiful weather!  It was sunny with some clouds, and had been spitting some snow – no real accumulation, however.  He had been doing chores, and was letting Deets trot around loose.  Every once in a while Deets would look at him, perk his ears and cock his head as if to say, “What’s next, boss?”  This got a chuckle out of us, as well as Jeff, and it was good to share a laugh with him.

Jeff was very happy with the way that the dogs were eating and drinking.  If you were able to catch some videos of Jeff in the checkpoint, you may have heard him mention this before.  He said Spider even felt fat!  haha!  That is something a musher can get really excited about!

Jeff mentioned that he was feeling great as well, and had been enjoying lots of the great food that the Takotna checkpoint has to offer.  “Multiple” meals he told us!

As for the trail, he did mention that the trail leaving Rohn was a nightmare, and somewhere out there are both of the tips off of his brake.  While traveling through the Burn, Jeff stopped for a break and got Suspect and Rebel a Honeymoon Suite… wooo wooo!  A little love on the Iditarod trail!  (Look for a puppy update in say… about oh, lets just go with early May!)  From what we’ve been reading, Jeff isn’t the only musher to have a few dogs ‘get together’ on the trail – right, Lance??  :)

Jeff signed off saying that he was planning another meal for himself and the dogs, and hopefully another nap for himself.

Left behind in Takotna was Tundra, who is fine, but simply wasn’t as engaged as the rest of the team on the run to there and did not “fuel up” on food and water as much as Jeff would have liked during their 24 hour rest. Tundra is in great hands and will be back at Husky Homestead soon, watching updates with Coltrane – who, by the way, made it home in time for Jeff’s call!  He is doing great, and has already resumed his role as “lead singer” in the dog yard.

Until next time… get some sleep!  :)

The HH Crew


  1. Way to Go Suspect and Rebel! Guess that’s one way to keep warm on the Iditarod trail!

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