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2012 Iditarod Restart

Skies were blue during the restart of Iditarod XL in Willow on Sunday! We snapped some pics to share with you of the day’s events!

Crew meeting

Crew meeting after our arrival in Willow for the Restart. The question here may have been “Anyone see Jeff today?” haha!

The Iditarod Insider gets in an interview

The Iditarod Insider gets in an interview with Jeff before the restart.

Placing the GPS on Jeff’s sled

Placing the GPS on Jeff’s sled.

Jeff does some last minute sorting

Jeff does some last minute sorting while the dogs chill in their boxes. :)


Deets is all cozy – and look at that cute face!

Sled Dogs

Did someone say ‘snack’??


This little puppy is going to Nome – just over a year old, Bailey made the cut!


Spectators arriving early to get their spot along the fence and watch the mushers as they depart for Nome!

Spider and Norton

Spider and Norton patiently waiting for their time to go.

Loading up the sled bag

Loading up the sled bag and finding a safe keeping spot for a very important piece of mandatory gear – the Vet Book!

Another interview

Another interview!


Tricia tries her hand as a “Musher Handler” – in the literal sense! haha! :)

Time for booties

Time for booties! Always smiling, Kristin seems to enjoy every part of the job. :)

The tracker

The tracker – locked and loaded.

Coltrane and Tyler

Coltrane is telling Tyler “I wanna go NOW!”


Oh Deets, just another day… this was a yawn! haha!

Jeff and Ellen

Jeff & Ellen – sporting some mighty fine looking Husky Homestead hats!! :)
(The hats are available, they just have not made it to our online store yet. If you’re interested in purchasing one, contact Carrie in our office at 907-683-2904, or via email to

Sled Dog Systems

A Sled Dog Systems sprint/mid-distance sled – retrofitted with Jeff’s tail dragger – always the innovator!

Heading up to the Start

Heading up to the Start!

This team wants to go

:) This team wants to go!


Oh, Kroner!

Bryan and Kristin

Bryan and Kristin helping to slow the team on their way to the Start.

Jeff’s ready to go

Jeff’s ready to go!

Race Marshall Mark Nordman

Race Marshall Mark Nordman takes a moment to chat with Jeff as there is a brief (!) pause in the action.

Spider & Skeeter

Spider & Skeeter – all star brother & sister!

Everyone is smiling

Everyone is smiling! We think Jeff’s pretty excited to be back! :)

A wave for some fans

A wave for some fans!

And he’s on his way to NOME

And he’s on his way to NOME!

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