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Jan 26th 3:27pm • No Comments

A chilly one this morning at Husky Homestead! Several of our digital thermometers are showing "err"... while our trusty "old timey" thermometer is showing us -43*. BRR!

It may be chilly, but we are still loving the snow!!

In the mean-time, we are continuing to watch the weather and trail report for the Yukon Quest - Official Site!

Updated Yukon Quest Trail Report

The conditions around Whitehorse are changing for the better with the recent snowfall, which is good news for the start of the 2015 Yukon Quest 1,000 Mile International Sled Dog Race. While there are still some areas of concern, due to open water and lack of snow, no decisions have been made to alte…

Jan 26th 10:55am • 1 Comment

Congratulations to this weekends winner of the Northern Lights 300 Sled Dog Race - Kristy Berington!

We'd also like to send a shout out to Kristin Bacon of Bacon's Acres Kennel on her 12th place finish! Kristin finished 11 dogs strong (out of 12 that the teams started with), including all the dogs from Husky Homestead! Woo hoo! We will see if any that traveled the trail with her may be joining Jeff for the Quest when they leave in one week!

Finally, a congratulations to all the teams that were part of the race,and a big thank you to all those sponsors, volunteers and hard-workers that make these races possible. :D

Timeline Photos

Kristy Berington finishes in 1st place at the Northern Lights 300

Jan 26th 10:47am • 2 Comments

Headed back out for some training for the next couple of days! Should be lots of fun now that we've got all of this SNOW! :D

Check out this photo of our Jeep that we snapped on Friday - that's about 15"... we got another 4" or so overnight in to Saturday!

We're lovin' it! Ah hem.... please send more!!

Jan 25th 5:12pm • 5 Comments

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Jan 25th 10:49am • No Comments

Four more days left to bid on a "Quest Guest Experience"!!

What does it include??

- Lunch with Musher on Thursday February 5th, 2015 from 11:30am-12:30pm
- Special Access Pass to the staging area before the race at Shipyards Park in Whitehorse on February 7th, 2015
- Ride in a "tag sled" with Musher for the first ~1.5 miles of the race
- Signed race poster
- Photo with your Musher
- Your name read by the announcer at the race start

Quest Guest 2015 Online Auction

Jan 24th 11:00am • 3 Comments

Nice photo of our "Kroner" (L) running with Kristin Bacon of Bacon's Acres' Kennel and her dog "Mimi" (R) in this weekends Northern Lights 300!

Happy Trails!

Mobile Uploads

Jan 24th 10:44am • 1 Comment

S.... N.....O......W!!!!

Your snow dances must have worked! Beyond excited to wake up to several inches... and it's still coming down!

Jan 23rd 10:52am • 9 Comments

Some Husky Homestead dogs have another race this weekend!!

Kroner, Suspect, Torrent and Young will be joining Kristin from Bacon's Acres' Kennel kennel on the trail for the Northern Lights 300 Sled Dog Race.

We wish Good Luck to Kristin and the team, as well as the rest of the mushers that have signed up for the race!

Now for Jeff and the crew here... it's back to food drops for the Yukon Quest - Official Site!

Bacon's Acres' Kennel

Vet checks in preparation for the Northern Lights 300

The dog limit is 12 for this race, and the dogs that were checked this morning were:
Felon, Stormy, Miyuki, Zumi, Yoshi-No-Mi, Taki, Libby, Hunter, June
...& from Husky Homestead: Suspect, Kroner, Torrent and Young

We feel honored to once again have champion dogs joining our team. Thank you, Husky Homestead, for helping fill out the team.

Jan 22nd 3:53pm • 6 Comments

There is some snow in the forecast for today.... but if you'd like to do a little snow dance for us, we'd appreciate it!!

Iditarod considers Fairbanks start if snow conditions don't improve

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — With about a month of unpredictable Alaska weather to go before Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race officials must make a decision, they and dog mushers are again thinking about the possibility of moving the race’s restart from Willow to Fairbanks.

Jan 22nd 10:10am • 9 Comments

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