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The team is loaded and they're off to the Denali Highway for three straight days of training! We're excited to see how much snow has fallen out there since Monday... we do LOVE that white fluffy stuff!

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Remember our first litter of the season - the Jeeps?

They are growing up fast at Tukaway Sled Dog Kennel! Click on over and see how Chase and the pups are doing! :)

Team Shots, 2014/15

The year of the Jeeps!

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Happy Monday! The crew is back on the Denali Highway training this morning! :)
Here's a short video they snapped their last trip out....

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'Tis the season!
Does your dog like pumpkin? Do you carve a pumpkin for your pup at Halloween? Do you make them any pumpkin cookies or biscuits? Share some pics with us!

Timeline Photos

This made me laugh! #labs #dogslovepumpkin #halloween#rubysnacks

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This is what happens when the trails aren't frozen yet! just ask Jeff.... we've been there done that! When it does happen, cell service comes in handy so that you can call for a rescue! :P

Sebastian Schnuelle

Some days are more interesting than others. We are very limited with trails in Two Rivers Right now. With all of the summer rain, lots of water on the trails, which have not quite frozen solid yet. I knew to avoid the base line trail all along. Driving a big string of 24 dogs I missed a turn the other day and ended up on baseline trail after all. I had hoped for the best and told Judith Conning right when we approached this spot, that things could get ugly, if we break though the ice here. Well. They DID get ugly. No choice but to walk home. While walking I noticed the fresh bear tracks on the snow. And soon after I felt being watched. Sure enough, there he or she was 200 yards behind me on the trail. After an uneasy moment of eying each other the bear walked off into the bushes. The only bad part: I do not think it is going to go very far this late in the season and will den close by. Less than 2 miles from home. Might make for an interesting spring. It took 2 ATV's, one snowmachine, 24 dogs, 4 people and a whole bunch of cussing to get the mule unstuck, pulling it backwards to where it came from....Thanks Judith for sending the pictures. Needless to say, I did not feel like getting the camera out.....

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Here's our latest update via our sponsors at Redpaw.... bring on the Denali Highway and some Jeep training!


Happy Monday to all! Here's a post from Jeff and Husky Homestead Tours along with some fantastic photos of their Jeep training on the Denali Highway! Keep up the great work!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me! After returning from the Midwest Sled Dog Symposium I came back home for a couple of days and hit the trail with the dogs, and then I was off to the North Slope for a speaking engagement with Exxon Mobil. Having never been there before it was an exciting visit – and they have lots more snow that we do here in Denali!
Fall training is going great and the colder temperatures are wonderful, but it hasn’t been cold enough to freeze up some of the deep mud pits on our local trails. After getting stuck a few times while running teams around the Homestead with our Ranger… we’ve begun loading up the dogs and have headed south to our winter stomping grounds on the Denali Highway. Jeep training is now in full swing! Training with the Jeep allows us to run a longer string of dogs (up to 22 at a time right now) at a nice consistent speed. If the highway gets any more snow we’ll have to put the tracks on the Jeep – yeah! It can’t come soon enough.
I’m headed to the airport now for another trip – this time across the pond to Norway. I will be the key note speaker at their annual symposium there. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends, and meeting new ones. While I’m gone the dogs will continue training with trusty handlers Dave, Melanie and Stephanie. I’ll be anxious to hear the reports from the crew!
Until next time… Happy Trails,
Jeff and
Husky Homestead Tours

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