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Wonder if we could do this with our crew??

Freshpet's Holiday Feast

This is what happens when you invite 13 dogs and a cat to the dinner table for a hilarious Holiday feast.

Learn more about the #FreshpetFeast here:

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Thank you Redpaw for your support!

Read our latest update here:


"Dear Race Fans,
One down, four to go! Husky Homestead is off and running! Race season began last weekend on our home trail just of south of Denali National Park with the Alpine Creek Excursion (ACE) race. HH teams placed 1st and 4th out of a competitive field of 18 mushers. The awards ceremony dinner was made all that more delicious thanks to the fresh wild California pork that I brought back from my recent vacation there for the Thanksgiving holiday – and so wonderfully prepared by the Alpine crew. Great fun!
Now the rubber hits the road. Well into December, our team is ready to rock & roll. I am signed up for the Kuskokwim 300, a race that I have won an unprecedented nine times. The Kusko is known as Alaska’s Premier Mid-Distance Sled Dog Race. With the Yukon Quest and Iditarod following within the six weeks after the Kusko 300, there will be no time for goofing around. The team has an unprecedented 2,000 miles of training logged to date. And another 1,000 expected by the first of the year. The low snow conditions around the state have been worrisome, but have in no way impacted our training negatively. Snow is forecast throughout the interior of Alaska over the next 10 days, and we will proceed with optimism that race organizations will have plenty of the fluffy white stuff to provide safe trails to racers and their teams.
W really can’t say enough about the dogs’ performance and condition on Redpaw PowerEdge 32K. It is the core of the diet, easy to feed, calorie dense, and highly palatable. In 35 years of racing sled dogs in Alaska, I have never fed a better dry dog food. Congratulations Redpaw – your dog food truly is dog food for canine fitness. Husky Homestead thanks you for your support!
Husky Homestead Tours and Jeff King

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WOW!!! Jeff's sled has SOLD as part of the IditaRider Ultimate Experience package!

Click this link to find out what makes this Ultimate Experience so ultimate!

Congratulations to the winner! We look forward to meeting you in March!!

Timeline Photos

Bid! Win! IditaRider Breaking News! Jeff King has an IditaRider! That's right! Jeff's sled ride has sold along with the IditaRider Ultimate Experience package. The luck rider and guest will be headed to Rainy Pass, too, as a part of the package! Congratulations to the winning rider and thanks to the bidder. What an incredible adventure this will be! Remember, fans, you, too, can Bid! Win! and RIDE!

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We are excited to head back to the Denali Highway with the team today! :)

We are not very excited that it was 40* when we woke up this morning, and our low snow level continues to shrink... :(

Please send snow!!!

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Want to go for a ride??

This video is Matt Hayashida's team from the 2011 Iditarod Trail Committee - the year that Jeff "retired" and Matt leased some of Jeff's youngsters.

Don't forget! You can get your own ride during the Iditarod Auction! Bid, Win, Ride! :)

Wonder what it would be like to be an IditaRider and ride in a musher's sled at the start of the Iditarod? Listen to the sound of the runners and imagine yourself along for the ride... Visit the auction site and go from imagining to reality. There is a seat for you. You just need to start bidding because you can "Bid! Win! Ride!"

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This dog is a GENIUS! Deserves some Ruby Snacks! Happy #Thursday! #Alaska #dogs #GSD #rubysnacks

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