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Well, that puts a wrap on race season! Congratulations to all of the teams that ran this years Kobuk 440!!

From the boss man himself: "427 miles, 20 hours and 2 min rest, 59 hours and 42 minutes total elapsed time. Wow, was that fun,"


Apr 14th 10:02am • 6 Comments

A few more pics for you!

2014 Kobuk 440 Finish - Jeff Kings wins again!

Jeff King came across the line at 12:12 a.m. on Sunday morning. Tony Browning was about an hour and a half behind. Both drivers were in good spirits with great looking teams. Teams trickled in Sunday with Ambler's Harry Douglas bringing home the red lantern Sunday night.

Apr 14th 7:09am • 3 Comments

Check out these photos of the Kobuk Kiddos making gift bags for all of the mushers!! They did a GREAT job! :)

Kobuk 440

Our Kobuk Kiddos (and a few lovely adults) are hard at work putting together gift bags for each musher. Isn't that lovely?? Thanks kiddos!!!! <3

Apr 13th 3:21pm • 2 Comments

"Thank you for your continued..." on 49th State Brewing Company's link.

Apr 13th 3:17pm • No Comments

A meaty/kibble snack for the team at the finish!

Jeff King treats the champions to a nice wet snack. Congratulations to Jeff and his team from everyone here at Race HQ!

Apr 13th 12:16pm • 3 Comments

Jeff wins the Kobuk 440!!

Jeff and team crossed the finish line at 12:12am!

*please forgive our late post - we haven't had internet available!

Kobuk 440

Jeff King came in at 12:12am!

Apr 13th 12:13pm • 25 Comments

Jeff's in to Kiana!

Kobuk 440

Jeff King into Kiana 11:46 am

Apr 12th 12:23pm • 6 Comments

Husky Homestead Tours shared Kobuk 440's status update.

Kobuk 440

Jeff King half hour outside of Kiana!!

Apr 12th 11:50am • No Comments

While we were still sleeping... Jeff and team hit the trail again! The Northern Lights were out last night and the Kobuk reports that the mushers had quite the show! :)

Kobuk 440

Jeff King out of Ambler at 2:35 am with 9 dogs out to enjoy the arctic early morning show with Dogid Letterman. Haha I think I need some sleep ;)

Apr 12th 8:25am • 1 Comment

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